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At Go Mobility we offer quality ramps at affordable prices. All our access ramps are sturdy for carrying wheelchairs and mobility scooters and some are ideal for transportation. Never get stuck at a step or kerb again, choose from our selection of wheelchair ramps today.

Our range of ramps are affordable compared to other brands out there and are made of high quality materials. Please feel free to browse through our ramp selection below and we are always a phone call away for any questions and advice.

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Lightweight Channel Ramp 5-7 Days

Lightweight Channel Ramp

These fi xed length ramps are lightweight and highly portable. The top of the ramp features two molded plastic inserts that will locate on the top of a step or rear of a vehicle. The working surface of the ramp is coated in grit for maximum grip. Supplied as a pair  This product may be referenced by 09-111-9627, 091119627 or AA8714 ..

€252.00 Ex Tax: €252.00

Roll Up Ramp 5-7 Days

Roll Up Ramp

The Axcess Roll-Up Ramp is lightweight and portable. Its compact design allows it to be rolled up for transport, but it can be set up in seconds. It has a durable non-slip surface and side rails that act as a bumper guide for increased safety and security. This product may be referenced by 09-117-0893 or 091170893 ..

€209.00 Ex Tax: €209.00

Telescopic Broad Ramp 5-7 Days

Telescopic Broad Ramp

This Telescopic Broad Ramp is constructed from two nested telescoping sections. This allows a longer length to be spanned with adjustability to suit your requirements. When at their minimum length, they are held closed by a safety catch. ..

€750.00 Ex Tax: €750.00

Telescopic Channel Ramps 5-7 Days

Telescopic Channel Ramps

These ramps, sold in pairs, are made from two nested aluminium extrusions. They produce a strong rigid ramp, which gives a feeling of stability and security to the user. They can be telescoped in and out to give the optimum length and then closed down to their minimum for storage or transport. A spring safety lock holds the sections closed. ..

€687.00 Ex Tax: €687.00