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Browse through our range of living aids and accessories available to purchase in Ireland. Our living accessories come with nationwide delivery to your door, we have something to suit every need.

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Vulkan Instant Ice Pack

  Ideal for any emergency, these packs are activated by simply squeezing them. They instantly turn ice cold. ..

€4.24 Ex Tax: €3.45

A&D Semi Automatic BP Monitor Out Of Stock

A&D Semi Automatic BP Monitor

Features Clinically Validated to BHS highest grade (A/A) Slim-fit comfortable cuff Irregular Heartbeat Feature WHO Blood Pressure Classification indicator Uses 1 x AA battery 1 x AA battery and full instructions included ..

€63.16 Ex Tax: €51.35

Airjolie 2 Deluxe Nebuliser

The AirJolie is a piston-type compressor nebuliser for aerosol therapy.   This nebuliser is supplied with the following items as standard Drug Chamber Adult & Child Face Masks Mouth Piece Nasal Prongs Tubing and Filter ..

€89.00 Ex Tax: €72.36

Connect Body Analysis Scale White / Bluetooth Smart 40422 - BS430 Out Of Stock

Connect Body Analysis Scale White / Bluetooth Smart 40422 - BS430

Body analysis scale with stainless steel electrodes and Bluetooth The body analysis scale BS 430 connect measures more than just body weight. It detects by means of highly sensitive stainless steel electrodes their precise body fat, body water and muscle mass. The interplay of all of these values is a crucial element in reaching one‘s weight goals in a healthy way along with efficient fitness programs. The large LCD display with white luminous digits and bright blue backlight is easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. The BS 430 connect not only delivers measurements for up to ..

€82.83 Ex Tax: €67.34

FWS Foot Warmer Out Of Stock

FWS Foot Warmer

Extra-soft breathable core Removable fluffy soft lining 3 temperature levels Lining machine washable at 30°C Quick heating with 100 watts Extra-soft breathable core Safety system with overheating protection Large foot space (suitable up to shoe size 12) Ergonomically designed controller with LED control display Automatic switch-off after 90 minutes ..

€52.95 Ex Tax: €43.05

HP605 Heating Pad

The heat pad HP 605 not only provides cosy and comforting warmth; it also increases blood circulation in tense muscles so that they can relax. It is extremely pliable due to its soft, breathable cushion and internal flexible heating wires. It can therefore be applied to different areas of the body - whether it be the neck, back, shoulders, abdomen or thigh. 4 temperature settings. Safety system with overheating protection. Removable cover of pleasantly soft upper material Cover machine-washable at 30°C 4 temperature settings Ultra-soft breathable cushion Quick heati..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €32.48

HP622 Heating Pad Out Of Stock

HP622 Heating Pad

The shoulder-and-neck heating pillow HP 622 can be used to gently warm those body regions in a targeted manner. It has an ergonomically shaped operating switch with 6 temperature levels, and its cuddly soft warmth is distributed uniformly and quickly through flexible heating wires, the matrix sensor system and the Turbo-Heat feature with powerful 100 Watts. The heating cushion HP 622 stimulates circulation through stiff shoulder and neck muscles and helps to relax comfortably after a strenuous day. The heating wires and a matrix sensor system for even heat distribution Handy cont..

€60.60 Ex Tax: €49.27

Ironman Performance Gel Heel Cushions 10 - 12 Days

Ironman Performance Gel Heel Cushions

Ironman® Performance Gel Footcare Products provide you with the Lasting Comfort to keep you going from start to finish. Recommended for consumers with painful calluses, sore working feet and prolonged standing at work. ..

€12.00 Ex Tax: €12.00

Kettle Weights 10 - 12 Days

Kettle Weights

Working with kettle bells increases strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both muscular and cardio systems with dynamic, total-body movements. Whether you want to burn fat or develop your cardio fitness or increase your strength, it can all be done with a kettle bell. They feature an oversize powder coated handle that provides excellent grip whilst allowing for full and fluid motion. The base of each kettle bell is colour coded and covered with a heavy duty vinyl skin which helps to protect the floor. If you are not sure which weight you need, here is a rough guide: Wo..

€65.12 Ex Tax: €52.94

McKenzie® AirBack™ 10 - 12 Days

McKenzie® AirBack™

The original McKenzie® AirBack™ This inflatable lumbar roll is ideal for commuters and travellers. Especially useful on planes where the lumbar support is generally inadequate for long distance travel. ..

€25.58 Ex Tax: €20.80

McKenzie® Cervical Roll Out Of Stock

McKenzie® Cervical Roll

The original McKenzie® Cervical Roll Helps relieve postural neck and shoulder pain by supporting the cervical spine during sleep. Should be placed inside the patients pillowcase to provide extra support. Length 510mm (20”). ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €21.00

McKenzie® D-Shape Roll Out Of Stock

McKenzie® D-Shape Roll

The original McKenzie® D-Shaped Roll Firm Density: The Original McKenzie® D-Shape Roll is made of high density foam and is therefore quite firm. It is recommended for use on soft furnishings such as sofas, lounge chairs etc or for people who require lots of support (heavy-built people, or people with a large hollow in the lower back). ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €21.00

McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll - 100mm (4")

Heavy Density: The Original McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll is available in 100mm (4”) and 125mm (5”) thickness, and is perfect for use in the home or the office. ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €21.00

McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll - 125mm (5") Out Of Stock

McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll - 125mm (5")

Heavy Density: The Original McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll is available in 100mm (4”) and 125mm (5”) thickness, and is perfect for use in the home or the office. ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €21.00

McKenzie® Night Roll 10 - 12 Days

McKenzie® Night Roll

Up to 875mm (35") Waist The Night Roll ties around your waist or can be pinned to the bed sheets, to support your lower back and prevent strain that can be caused by bad sleeping positions or inadequate sleep surfaces. This roll is designed to be worn whilst sleeping, it supports the lower back whether you’re lying onyour back or side. Washable cover included. ..

€27.99 Ex Tax: €22.76

McKenzie® Round Roll - 100mm (4") Out Of Stock

McKenzie® Round Roll - 100mm (4")

100mm (4") Medium Density: The Original McKenzie® Round Roll was the first ever lumbar roll made in the world. Although this roll looks quite bulky, it compresses down very easily, while still giving the appropriate support. Available in a 100mm (4”) or 125mm (5”) thickness. ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €21.00