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Dri-Sleeper Eclipse (Wireless)


The DRI Sleeper® eclipse is the premium bedwetting alarm recommended by enuresis professionals and doctors from around the world. Parents love the Eclipse bedwetting alarm because it is a breeze to use, easy to clean, made from quality materials and above all, it is proven for the successful treatment of bedwetting. Children love the Eclipse because it is bright and colorful, its wireless design means no cords, its advanced metal-free Urosensor™ means no skin irritation and its compact design makes it ultra comfortable to wear. The alarm comes with one Urosensor™ and batteries.

Using the Dri Sleeper Eclipse

All it takes is 4 easy steps:

  1. Put the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit on a bedside table and switch it on. It will beep rapidly 5 times.
  2. Prepare a minipad by making a pocket in the absorbent layers by either cutting a 25mm (1 inch) slit in the absorbent layers with a pair of sharp scissors, or cutting the top off the minipad. With the point of the scissors create a pocket for the Urosensor™ to slide into. (The downloadable instructions include alternative methods of locating the Urosensor™)
  3. Remove the Urosensor™ from the alarm cradle and insert in the minipad with the black sensing strips facing your child’s crotch.
  4. Stick the minipad into the crotch of your child’s underwear making sure that the Urosensor™ is near where the urine will be passed.

Treatment is now ready to begin!


Features & Benefits

Two-part wireless system with NO wires

Urosensor™ transmits directly to the alarm avoiding the need for a separate transmitter  which the sensor has to be plugged into

No fiddly clips or domes that can break or damage

Easy, convenient and comfortable

Great for older children and restless sleepers

Patented moulded plastic Urosensor™

Easy to clean and dry for instant re-use

Sealed unit so urine cannot damage the electronics

Urosensor™ goes right inside the underpants

Best position for quick detection of urine leakage

Urosensor™ can be inserted inside pull-ups or diapers

Child can stay in diapers or pull-ups during training

No metal contacts

Doesn’t corrode or deteriorate in urine

Urosensor™ dimensions:
53 x 25 x 10mm (2.1 x 1.0 x 0.4 inches), 11 grams

Ideal size for maximum detection of urine

Safety wireless electronics 

Completely safe and no risk of skin irritation

Urosensor™ can transmit to more than one alarm

Parents / caregivers can have an alarm in their bedroom

Maximum alerting alarm

Alarm rings at around 98 decibels

Frequency of the alarm is set at the resonant frequency of the ear which is most effective for alerting the brain

Volume adjustment inside alarm unit


Alarm dimensions:
70 x 40 x 20mm (2.8 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches), 30 grams

Light and compact

Alarm comes with CR2354 ‘coin’ battery

Will last for at least three months of nightly use triggering twice a night and therefore shouldn’t need changing during the normal treatment period

Urosensor™ includes long life battery with special battery saving technology

Urosensor™ shouldn’t need to be replaced during the normal treatment period

Battery will last at least a year if it is used nightly and triggers the alarm twice a night

ISO13485:2003 rating for medical devices 

Your guarantee of quality and the highest level of customer support




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Dri-Sleeper Eclipse (Wireless)

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