Why Buy Mobility Aids Online?

Today we are going to go through the advantages of buying mobility aids online in Ireland. Whilst more and more people are choosing the web to make their purchases, normally they are small things like phone covers, weekly shopping and birthday cards.

When it comes to buying mobility equipment online, for example; a Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair – things can be a little more trickier. You won’t be able to physically see the product in real life before hand unless you go to a mobility showroom. But it comes with their own advantages as well.

Buying Mobility Scooters Online Today in Ireland.

There are plenty of online mobility shops in Ireland but they normally have a physical presence in the form of a building or premises as well. A lot of mobility places would then have to count their extra overheads when it comes to selling mobility scooters, wheelchairs etc. and they would normally cost the same in reality than online. So then your advantage is to buy in person.

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to buying mobility scooters and wheelchairs online in Ireland we offer a different type of service. We truly believe that because we are an online only shop we can pass on the savings to our customers without any large overheads being passed to our customers. So if you were to think of buying something online in Ireland, we can save you money!

Things to make sure about before you buy online:

– Mobility Scooters:

Has the customer ever tried using a mobility scooter before? Do they have any neighbours with one that they could try out? No matter where you are located in Ireland there is normally someone in the same village or town using a mobility scooter. Getting the basic principals of using one is relatively easy and we offer an extensive user manual with each one we sell.

– Wheelchairs:

When it comes to buying wheelchairs in Ireland it is always good to make sure you know a certain amount of requirements before you make the leap of buying wheelchairs online. Is the person a full time user? Are they able to propel themselves or is the carer or attendant the one who will be pushing the wheelchair user around? Other questions come into play when choosing the right type of chair to buy such as; What weight is the user, and what width of seat do they require? We have a great article here that goes through the steps of measuring for a wheelchair to make the new purchase as seamless as possible.

– Walking Aids:

No matter where you live in Ireland, you can go online and see many different types of walking aids for sale from many companies. Whether it’s a Walking Stick, a Frame or something more like a Rollator; it can be relatively simple to choose once you know what type you need to get. Nearly all walking aids come with a form of height adjustment which really narrows down the simplicity of ordering the right type of walking aid.

Main Types of Walking Aids:

  • Walking Frame – Sometimes referred to a “Zimmer Frame” these are normally able to withstand up to 21 stone and are normally seen in a lot of hospitals.
  • Rollator – These are a four wheeled walking aid that has a seat and brakes which help a client walk much easier without the need to lift. They can slow themselves down with the brakes and take a seat if they needed a rest. They can fold up for transport quite easily.
  • Tri Walker – Similar to a rollator, these are a 3 wheeled device that are shaped like a “V” which makes it easier for clients to move around with and also smaller for transport. These are normally lighter as they would be narrower and would not have a seat.
  • Knee Walker – The great alternative to crutches! These items are a new patented device recently introduced in Ireland and can be bought online from many retailers. The user would rest their knee upon a pad and would walk with their other leg and can steer in any direction. You can see more information on this wonderful device here.

– Rise & Recliners:

Sometimes referred to as a “Riser Recliner” these chairs are ideal for people who have trouble getting out of a chair properly or with risk of them hurting themselves. They have the same look and feel as a regular armchair but with the added advantage of full electric control of reclining and rising. The main principal of this chair is that when a user wants to get up they can be “Risen” from the chair into a slight standing position. They typically sell in Ireland from around €800 + VAT upwards. The VAT can be reclaimable on this as well as some other mobility aids. You can see more information of VAT refunds here.

– Bathroom & Toilet Aids:

We offer many types of bathroom and toilet aids available to buy online from us in Ireland. These types of aids really help when it comes to trying to make life easier in the bathroom and toilet environment. There is a vast range of different aids that can be bought so we will cover a few of them below.

Types of Bathroom & Toilet Aids:

  • Commodes – These are beneficial to clients who have trouble getting to the toilet in time or have a lot of discomfort in travelling to another room in the house. Commodes look basically like a chair, except they have a toilet styles seat with a removable bucket underneath.
  • Bathlifts – If someone has trouble getting out of the bath safely and comfortably, we would recommend a bathlift. These are electronic devices that run off batteries and are water tight, a bathlift would sit inside the bath tub and would lift the client up to the lip of the bath to enable them to get out much easier.
  • Other Bathroom Aids – There are many types of bathroom aids which help make life much easier, they range from; Grab Rails, Shower Stools, Bath Steps, etc.
  • Other Toileting Aids – We offer many different types of toilet aids which vary from; Urinals, Toilet Frams, Raised Toilet Seats and more.
Rise & Recliner Chairs

Hopefully this information helps in guiding our customers in buying online in Ireland for mobility aids and equipment. As much as sometimes it can be scary buying something as big as a mobility scooter, normally it’s much easier when you talk to us as we can advise in what types of mobility aids could suit your needs. Feel free to call us on 01 866 33 66 to discuss your needs.

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