WHILL Model C Powerchair

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Driving range

10 miles

Weight Capacity

18 stone

Maximum Speed

Up to 4mph

Braking system


Overall Length


Overall Width

16” seat – 21.5” and 18” seat – 23.5”

Turning Radius


Heaviest Piece (when disassembled) 20kg
Suspension Comfort Trac – Front & rear suspension
Battery Requirements

Lithium-Ion 25.2V 10Ah. 5 hours for a full charge.

Weight of chair


Tyres 10.5” solid, non-puncture rear wheels 9.8” front omni-wheel


WHILL Model C Powerchair

If you want to go further and explore more, then you’ll want to check out the Whill Model C. It could even be the best electric wheelchair you’ve ever seen. The Whill Model C brings with it greater speed, improved versatility and more extended range in addition to being easy to transport in any car. Due to this powered wheelchair’s short wheelbase and narrow frame, tighter turns are yours. With outstanding stability and durability, the Whill Model C can travel for 10 miles on one charge and go up to 4 MPH.

There’s no doubt about it, Whill has really pushed the boat out with their Model C. They’ve combined exceptional design with technology and produced an elegant, sleek and versatile electric wheelchair.

Gone are the days of the wheelchair you might see on a Heidi movie. With so many people needing to use a wheelchair (131.8 million people according to the Wheelchair Foundation), wheelchairs got left behind in the dark ages.

Until now, just two different basic types of electric wheelchairs have been available. The first is the classic model with a motorised base with a chair strapped to it. The other type is the frame chair powered wheelchair equipped with a small motorised engine which can neither go far nor fast.

Awkward, difficult to manoeuvre, heavy and cumbersome, these electric wheelchairs aren’t easy to use and don’t make it easy to explore woodland trails or national parks etc.

A Japanese start-up, WHILL, has changed everything. Suited to the modern age, WHILL has developed a new powered wheelchair style that can finally support you in going where you want to go.

Surprisingly the team at WHILL are in their mid-thirties and able-bodied. Inspired by a friend who found it excruciatingly embarrassing to even go to the shop, they put their heads together and came up with something that’s state of the art and not something to hide at home. The friend has both a mental and physical barrier that prevented him, and he also found it hard to mount kerbs and bumps in the traditional wheelchair model.

The result was a model that was a big hit at the Tokyo Motor Show. The model has since been improved and can now travel up to nine miles on the lithium-ion battery and go 4mph at top speed.

The most versatile of powered wheelchairs

Billed and reviewed as being easy to use, even the most complicated manoeuvres are learnt within minutes. Perhaps not as fast as somebody who is running, it’s possible to keep up with any pedestrian with ease.

Designed for the rider to actually feel and look like they’re driving a mobility device, there’s no lounging in this chair. It’s all about design and it’s iconic.

Easy to dismantle for transportation in a car, the power wheelchair breaks down into 3 sections. The wheels are omni-wheels and designed to climb over rough terrain with ease.

Accompanied by its own app, the WHILL Model C’s owner can check battery power, speed and even lock the wheelchair. The chair can also be controlled remotely by the app so that it can be moved by the user when they aren’t even sitting in it.

Family members can also track where the chair is, in case an older user is on the go with it. They can check whether it’s moved recently so that they know whether they will need to check whether everything is ok with the user.

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WHILL Model C Powerchair

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