Wheelchairs For Sale Ireland – Where to Buy?

Buying Wheelchairs For Sale in Ireland – Where To Buy a Wheelchair in Ireland & Advice.

When it comes to buying wheelchairs for sale in Ireland you have to consider quite a few things for picking the right wheelchair to buy.

There are many wheelchair shops that offer a wide selection of wheelchairs for sale in Ireland. These come in many shapes and sizes with various options depending on the type of wheelchair required. But choosing from the selection of wheelchairs available to buy in Ireland can be a daunting task if the customer doesn’t know where to start.

– Buying Wheelchairs Online in Ireland

Decide if you would like to buy a wheelchair online or in person. Whilst it can be beneficial to buy a wheelchair in person, companies like ourselves offer a comprehensive returns policy which leaves the customer in a good position. We can take the risk out of buying wheelchairs online in Ireland, we are happy to advise our customers on choosing the correct wheelchair and can offer some form of general assessment over the phone.

– Choosing a Transit or Self Propelled Wheelchair

There are two main types of wheelchairs for sale in Ireland. The first is the Transit Wheelchair which is operated by an attendent who would push the person around. These have small wheels for easier transport and maneuverability. The second main option is the Self Propelled Wheelchair which consists of large 24″ wheels similar to the size of a bicycle. These are more ideal for users wishing to push themselves around.

– Ensuring The Wheelchair Suits The User

A critical part of choosing the correct wheelchair is the weight of the person in comparison to the seat width required for the wheelchair. Most standard wheelchairs in Ireland come in 3 main seat widths; 16″, 18″ & 20″. These would be classed as “Small, Standard & Large”. When it comes to choosing the correct wheelchairs for sale in Ireland we would recommend a general calculation on choosing the right seat width. Generally if the user is under 10 stone we would advise they use a 16″ seat width, if they are between 11-14 stone we would normally advise a standard 18″ chair and then about 14 stone we would push towards the 20″ as this makes things more comfortable for the wheelchair user.

– Other Things To Look Out For

We know there are literally hundreds of various types of wheelchairs for sale in Ireland, but it only takes one wrong order to give someone a bad experience. So here are other things to look out for when choosing the correct wheelchair to buy.

  • Seat Belt – Does the wheelchair have a seat belt to secure the person safely?
  • Puncture Proof Tyres – Is there puncture proof tyres fitting on the chair?
  • Swing Away Footrests – Are the legrests freely detachable and adjustable in case it needs to be transported in a car?
  • Removable Armrests – Can the wheelchair armrests be detached in case the wheelchair user needs to be transferred?

More Information On Wheelchairs For Sale in Ireland:

When it comes to buying a wheelchair in Ireland, you can be assured of a high level of service from us. We believe in providing the lowest prices on wheelchairs for sale in Ireland with the best quality products delivered nationwide.

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