Wheelchair Maintenance

Maintaining your Wheelchair

It is very important to keep your wheelchair in good condition for optimal safety. The brakes should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they can hold the chair in place on a slope and are not loose.

If for any reason the wheel locks do not operate easily, you may need to lubricate them.

The front and rear wheels should be checked to ensure they spin freely and the bearings do not make any noises.

Push your manual wheelchair across a smooth surface to see if it goes in a straight line. If the wheelchair does not go in a straight line, the wheels are most likely out of alignment or the bearings may need replacing.

Repairing or replacing a wheelchair can cost money, time and stress. You can reduce the risk of this happening if you treat the wheelchair the came as you would a car, by performing on-going maintenance. This can extend the life of your wheelchair or even your mobility scooter.

You do not need to be an expert mechanic to do some regular maintenance checks for your mobility chair. You can ask a family member or friend to help if you have difficulties with mobility. This will ensure your wheelchair is in tip top condition.

Wheelchair Checks:

1. Clean the wheelchair on a regular basis, this can prevent dirt and grime build up that may impair functionality or even rust.

2. Check the axle and axle plate of the wheelchair to make sure all connections are tight. A loose axle may break or even put you in harm’s way.

3. All nuts and bolts should be tightened on the wheelchair on an on-going basis so they are secure. If you notice a loose bolt that seems to work itself loose, you should have it replaced right away.

4. Brakes, foot rests and all moving parts should be tested to ensure the chair remains operationally safe and sound.

If you need a replacement part for your wheelchair, check your manual for information and guidance. You can also contact the supplier and inquire about replacement parts.

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