What is a Profiling Bed?

Deciding to Buy a Profiling Bed in Ireland

An adjustable or profiling bed is a bed that has a multi-hinged lying surface; this can be profiled into a number of different positions.

The common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other. These beds are also height adjustable – meaning there is a position to suit everyone’s needs and requirements.

Adjustable beds were often only used in hospitals but now are commonly found in hospitals and care homes. Many families are now purchasing profiling beds for elderly or disabled family members.

Advantages of a Profiling Bed:

Circulation – Profiling beds can be adjusted at the head and feet positions. Adjusting the bed in these areas can improve the circulation of the user especially if they are bed bound for long periods of time. This can help reduce bed sores, excess fluid in the legs and ankles and any other complication that can arise from being bed bound.

Comfort for the User – As these beds are extremely adjustable it means the user can change positions for different tasks such as eating, watching television and reading. These can all be done very easily with any physical effort.

Assistance for the Carer – Being a carer can be an extremely demanding job especially on a person’s body. The common problems for carers would be back pain, joint pain and exhaustion. By deciding to purchase an adjustable bed a carer can position the patient in a safe and supportive way.

Bed Design – The design of the profiling beds have increased greatly as they aim to make them look like a normal bed and less like hospital beds so the patient is more comfortable in their own surroundings.

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