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What are Daily Living Aids?

Daily Living Aids are items that can make daily tasks that bit easier. Also known as ADL (Aids for Daily Living), they can be a huge help to elderly people or anyone who is hving mobility issues.

These products can help with tasks such as, bathing and showering, dressing and grooming, eating and feeding and many other daily tasks.
Top 10 Daily Living Aids

Reachers – Also known as handy grabbers, these will make reaching the top shelf or picking something from the floor much easier. They are ideal for anyone who has limited hand strength or when recovering from hip surgery. These reachers are available in many designs and lengths with some also having a small magnet attached.

Stocking Aids – These are a simple and inexpensive item to assist with putting on a sock or stocking. They are generally made from a strong flexible plastic with cotton tapes attached to the top. Stocking aids are a very affordable mobility aid that can make a huge difference.

Shoehorns & Dressing Sticks – A shoehorn is a simple tool that can help someone put on shoes easier. They can be a great help to someone who has difficulties bending. They are available in different designs and lengths. A dressing stick is a stick often with a hook, to aid elderly or anyone with mobility problems put on clothes.

Step Stools – These can be a aid to help get into bed or the bath. They may also be used to reach high cupboards around the home. There are various step stools available for Go Mobility. They are available with or without a handrail. The handrail can provide extra security to the user.

Grab Rails – Grab Rails are designed to increase accessibility and safety around the home. They can be used in conjunction with other mobility aids. Grab rails can be useful in the bathroom, bedroom and even outdoors to help gain independence.

Trolleys – These can be a useful mobility for anyone around the home. These trolleys have a dual purpose, they can be used to aid walking and also transport items from one room to another. Most trolleys are height adjustable which means maximum comfort for the user.

Cutlery – These items can be a great help to anyone who is having trouble using their knife and fork. They are useful for people with arthritis or neurological impairments. They are easier to hold and with various designs and materials there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

Plates & Dishes – Adaptive plates and dishes can help solve eating problems. These items can make eating less work and more enjoyable. Some plates and dishes have built in rims which allow the user to catch the food on their fork or spoon.

Cups & Mugs – Adapted cups have been designed to be easy to pick up, hold and drink from. Some can even be used when the person is lying down. They vary in shape and size and their is something for everyone’s requirements.

Pedal Exercisers – Pedal exercisers are a simple device that aids mobility. They can stimulate the same motion as an exercise bike and can be used anywhere with a seat and flat surface, even when you’re watching TV! One of the main advantages of these exercisers is the cost. These items are a lot cheaper than a regular exercise bike. They can also be moved from place to place very easily.

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