Tips For Buying a Mobility Scooter in Ireland

When it comes to buying a mobility scooter it can sometimes be tricky to find something to suit the needs of the customer. The biggest reason for the decision to buy a mobility scooter is usually because of reduced mobility or an illness like Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis etc.

Benefits Of Buying a Mobility Scooter

– Regained independence
– Oppurtunity to get out more
– Reduce the time spent at home
– Travel on a product that is safe and comfortable

Questions To Answer Before Buying

– Will the scooter be mainly used outside or in the home?
– Will it be needed to negotiate any steep hills or gradients?
– Does it need to be driven on a road?
– Does the scooter have access to the areas you need, eg; Storage, Back Garden, Gate?
– Do you need something that travels a long distance?
– Do you need the scooter to be able to split apart to travel in a car?
– Do you require any functions like indicators, lights, reclining backrest, etc.

Types Of Mobility Scooters Available To Buy

Travel Mobility Scooters

These are ideal for users who wish to have a small and tidy mobility scooter which can be used in shopping centres and where the terrain is more forgiving. Travel scooters would usually go around 4MPH and travel a distance of around 10KM on a full charge. The main principal of these scooters apart from size is that they split apart for a car. They would usually dismantle into 5 pieces and take an average of 3-5 minutes to complete.

Medium Mobility Scooters

Medium sized mobility scooters are ideal for mid range use which are slightly bigger than the travel type and typically can go more distance. These would sometimes be equipped with some form of lights and the higher spec ones would come with a full suspension. They would travel at a speed of up to 4MPH and usually because of the bigger batteries they will travel between 10-15KM on a full charge.

Large Mobility Scooters

When it comes to the larger type of scooters they are usually as standard packed with features as they are more built towards the rougher terrain and long distance use. Normally these scooters would come with an increased weight capacity and large seat with reclining and adjustable forward/back functions. Standard features on these types would be Indicators, Lights, Hazard Lights, Lo/Hi Speed Switch, Full Suspension and much more. The speed these will travel can vary from 6-8MPH and usually offer a minimum range of 25KM per full charge.


A wide range of accessories for mobility scooters are available which can help make life easier for the user. The amount of accessories available range from:

Walking Stick Holders
Oxygen Bottle Holders
Waterproof Covers & Coats
Scooter Garages

Choose Go Mobility For Your Scooter Needs

We offer our best support and prices to our customers who are looking to buy a mobility scooter in Ireland at an affordable price. We supply a wide range of mobility scooters from top brands and offer a range of accessories for these products.

We will ensure the mobility scooter is right for our clients before they buy to ensure that they get their value for money and the right product to suit their needs.

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