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eCare Travel 3 - 5 Days

eCare Travel

The lightweight folding travel wheelchair in a bag folds down compact and is ideal for holidays and days out. It comes in its own carry bag with a handles so can be carried easily. This wheelchair in a bag is totally portable, lightweight and comes with a strong carry holdall. Aluminium frame in metallic blue. Half folding back mechanism. 18″ Square nylon seat canvas with lift up straps. Parking brakes. Quadruple steel cross brace. Padded, flip up desk arms. Height adjustable footrests. 8″ solid tyres. Sturdy yet lightweight, this occasional use chair is ideal for many situation..

€155.00 Ex Tax: €155.00

Fixed Height Commode

The padded upholstery on the seat and back is heat-sealed so can be cleaned without risk of water ingress. The toilet seat is round and hinged. Rubber buffer sits in seat to avoid seat abrasion against frame.   ..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

colt deluxe scooter 5-7 Days

Colt Deluxe

Sleek and sporty 6.25 mph scooter. The sleek, sporty Colt Deluxe scooter delivers smooth performance and all-new features. With a full complement of advanced standard features including, rugged suspension, high-visibility automatic front and rear lighting system, feather-touch disassembly, LED kerb light, and wraparound delta tiller, the Colt Deluxe is a greater value than ever before. ..

€2,299.00 €1,975.00 Ex Tax: €1,975.00

Go-Go Traveller 4

The Go Go Elite travellers Compact Design allows it to easily manoeuver in tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance. Take the guesswork out of travel with simple, one hand feather touch disassembly. Go where you want to go, easily, with the Go Go Elite traveller ..

€945.00 Ex Tax: €945.00

Go-Go Traveller Plus+

Take the guess work out of travel mobility, with the Go Go Elite traveller Plus. With high performance operation and unbeatable ease of transport, the Go Go Traveller plus is sure to please. ..

€1,085.00 Ex Tax: €1,085.00

Go-Go Traveller Sport

The stylish, high-performing Go-Go Elite Traveller® Sport features an innovative design with a full complement of unique standard features. Charger port conveniently located in the tiller, front and rear LED lighting, 9-inch wheels at front and rear, an additional 2-inch deck space and an increased weight capacity of 23 stone 3lbs. are just a few features that make the Go-Go Elite Traveller Sport an exceptional scooter choice. ..

€1,395.00 Ex Tax: €1,395.00

Apex Rapid

The Apex Rapid with CTS Suspension (Comfort-Trac Suspension) delivers luxury and convenient features like a wraparound delta tiller with a high level charging port, LED kerb light and a storage basket together with a compact, easy to transport design. Sleek styling complements the Apex Rapid’s abundant features making it an exceptional travel mobility choice. ..

€1,395.00 Ex Tax: €1,395.00