Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter – Full Suspension!

The Pride Apex Rapid is a brand new mobility scooter that comes with front and rear suspension to ensure maximum comfort for the user – a feature not found on any other boot scooter! This gives it a much smoother ride over the bumpy pavements that can often be uncomfortable. The Apex Rapid remains compact and lightweight, making it easy to be disassembled to fit in the back of a car for transport, making it perfect for days out!

Key features:

Front and rear suspension
Wraparound delta tiller
Updated styling
Compact and light

The standout feature on the Apex Rapid is the Suspension found on both the front and rear axles. Many other boot scooters do not have this feature and give little protection against bumpy pavements. The suspension on the Apex Mobility Scooter makes using the scooter much more comfortable and gives a smooth performance. This can be better than some larger mobility scooters in terms of comfort for the user.

The Apex Rapid still remains a compact and lightweight scooter, with just a small difference in weight in comparison to the more basic Go-Go range, with the heaviest part of the Apex being just 16.6kg. The scooter can be dismantled in a matter of minutes into five pieces, making it perfect for the boot of the car.

The battery on the scooter can be charged on or off board, meaning the scooter can be stored in a garage, shed or even the car for more frequent use.

There are also other fantastic features on the Apex Rapid including ergonomic delta handlebars and a very elegant design. This scooter also has a rotating seat with a weight capacity of 21 stone, making it comfortable for most users. The ground clearance on this scooter is 1.5 inches at the motor itself rather than at the mid-frame – giving it a added advantage over most other boot scooters. An LED kerb light helps keep the scooter visible when necessary.

The Pride Apex Rapid has also recently won the “Which Best Buy Award” in the UK, making it an extremely popular travel mobility scooter.

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