Powered Wheelchairs – Useful Information

What are Powered Wheelchairs?

Powered or electric wheelchairs are an ideal product for anyone with mobility issues who may have difficulties propelling a manual wheelchair or would just prefer to have powered mobility.

These wheelchairs have a battery powered motor. The user can control the speed and direction of the chair by using a joystick. The batteries are mounted on the frame of the chair and can be charged using a mains power supply when the chair is not in use. They can travel at a maximum speed of 4 MPH. They have a turning radius of 360° which gives the user complete control. The majority of power chairs have 30 Amp batteries and have a range of 7-10 miles on a full charge, depending on specifications.

Power wheelchairs range from a standard powered wheelchair, similar to a manual wheelchair but has motorised wheels, to heavy duty power chairs, these chairs have numerous powered features including seat elevation, tilt in space, and back recline.

Types of Power Chairs

Travel Powered Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are very similar to a standard transit wheelchair but the difference being the rear wheels are powered by motors. The chair has on board batteries that power the motors. The chair is controlled by the joystick operated by the user.

These power chairs are the smallest type and are ideal to be transported as they can be dismantled and folded. Although easy to dismantle these chair are much heavier than manual chairs, this is due the weight of the motors and batteries. These chairs are available in both paediatric and adult sizes.

Fixed Frame

As the name suggests this type of wheelchair cannot be folded. Although it can’t be folded certain parts can be removed to make handling easier. This type of chair tends to be more robust and durable. They may have added features such as powered seat elevation, tilt in space and back recline.

These chairs may have heavier batteries and this can be an advantage as it may have a greater mileage range and greater speeds.

Fixed frame chairs are best suited for outdoor use or in a wheelchair accessible environment due to their size.

Please browse our range of powered wheelchairs and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our mobility experts on 01 866 3366.

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