Our range of Manual Wheelchairs

We have a wide selection of manual wheelchairs on our website. These range from standard steel wheelchairs to deluxe modular wheelchairs that highly adjustable.Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you are deciding which wheelchair to buy.

There are Transport, Transit and Self-Propelled wheelchairs available with different seat width options.

Our range of lightweight Aktiv wheelchairs are great for transporting in the boot of your car. As well as being lightweight aluminium, they also have a half folding back and removable footrests. The wheels are also quick release meaning even if you have a small boot in your car you can easily pop off the wheels when travelling to save space.

We also offer Children’s wheelchairs. These wheelchairs have a 12 or 14-inch seat and have the option for elevating leg rests if the user needs to keep their leg elevated.

All our wheelchairs come with various options and accessories. These include elevating leg rests, stump support and foam cushions.

We offer nationwide next day delivery of all in stock wheelchairs. Our wheelchairs can be ordered online on gomobility.ie or alternatively you can call us on 01 8663366 to order and one of our mobility advisors will be able to answer questions you may have.

You can bowse our range of wheelchair here.

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