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We have a wide selection of manual wheelchairs on our website. These range from standard steel wheelchairs to deluxe modular wheelchairs that highly adjustable. 



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Here at Go Mobility we are proud to announce that we are now an authorised seller of Kymco mobility products in Ireland.

Vivio Powerchair

Kymco are a leading brand of Mobility Scooters and Powered Wheelchairs. Go Mobility offer the full range, ranging from small boot scooters which are easy to transport, to the larger model ideal for getting more mileage. We also have the excellent range of Electric Wheelchairs. You can view the full range of products available here.

If you have any questions about any of the products, please call us on 01-8663366. One of our mobility experts we will able to offer advice on which product best suits your needs and requirements.

We can arrange a...


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Mobility Scooter Home Demonstration in Ireland.

mobility scooters ireland demoAt Go Mobility we truly believe in providing products that are both suitable for the customer and offers the peace of mind and independence that any person deserves.

That's why we have launched our new home demonstration service for all our mobility scooters. No matter where you are in Ireland, we can call out and demonstrate a vast range of mobility scooters in the comfort of your own home.

How Do I Arrange A Home Demonstration?

To avail of our home demonstration service, all you need to do is call us on 01 866 3366 and arrange a time and date convenient to you. We promise that we won't hard sell...


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wheelchairs for sale irelandBuying Wheelchairs For Sale in Ireland - Where To Buy a Wheelchair in Ireland & Advice.

When it comes to buying wheelchairs for sale in Ireland you have to consider quite a few things for picking the right wheelchair to buy.

There are many wheelchair shops that offer a wide selection of wheelchairs for sale in Ireland. These come in many shapes and sizes with various options depending on the type of wheelchair required. But choosing from the selection of wheelchairs available to buy in Ireland can be a daunting task if the customer doesn't know where to start.


- Buying Wheelchairs Online in Ireland

Decide if you would like to buy a wheelchair online...


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Knee Walkers Ireland - The Ultimate Guide

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So you've been told you will need to stay off your foot or ankle for a long period of time. This can be due to surgery or injury. If you have used crutches you might know how difficult they can be to use and the limits they put on your life while in recovery. Don't be stuck with crutches. There is an alternative for you. Perhaps your doctor or surgeon suggested a knee walker or a knee scooter. You've searched online and are left with even more questions.

This article will outline what a knee walker is, the features to consider and services to consider with the supplier.

What is a Knee Walker



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Getting Knee Walker Rental in Dublin.

knee walker rental dublin bookingWhen it comes to the time to rent a knee walker, you can be assured that from the beginning we will provide you with the top service all customers deserve. We are a Dublin based knee walker rental company that can deliver our knee walkers anywhere throughout Dublin and Ireland.


If you are looking for knee walker rental in Dublin, then speak to us about our affordable rental services. We can sometimes offer same day delivery for any customer looking to rent our knee walkers in the Dublin area- other parts of the country can avail of our fast 24 hour courier delivery service.

We have our knee...


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Frequently Asked Questions on Knee Walkers

knee walker questions faqAt Go Mobility, we believe in providing the most up to date and accurate information on our knee walkers. So we have decided to take the time to write up a questions and answers page to help people get the answers needed on these knee walkers. Remember, we offer nationwide delivery of our knee walkers in Ireland.

How does the knee walker operate?
Our knee walkers are a revolutionary alternative to crutches in Ireland and can be beneficial for people recovering from ankle or foot surgery - or even an accident. When using the knee walker, you simply put your knee on the knee pad. Once your knee is resting safely,...


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Buying Low Cost Living Aids in Ireland

pill organiser

Simple mobility aids and equipment to assist disabled or elderly people to do daily tasks with less hassle.

Everyday tasks such as gripping, turning, eating, writing and getting dressed can become difficult for people with reduced mobility, especially in the hands and arms.

We aim to supply excellent value for money on all our living aids. All in stock items will be delivered next working day if your order is placed before 1 o’clock daily.

We have put the following list together to give you an idea of the products that are available from


1. Key Turner

The Homecraft key turners have curved built up handles for holding...


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Maintaining your Wheelchair


It is very important to keep your wheelchair in good condition for optimal safety. The brakes should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they can hold the chair in place on a slope and are not loose.

If for any reason the wheel locks do not operate easily, you may need to lubricate them.wheelchairs ireland

The front and rear wheels should be checked to ensure they spin freely and the bearings do not make any noises.

Push your manual wheelchair across a smooth surface to see if it goes in a straight line. If the wheelchair does not go in a straight line, the wheels are most likely out of alignment or...


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Manual Wheelchair Safety Tips

transit wheelchair

Proper attention should always be taken to wheelchair safety, to maximize freedom and independence. The wheelchair should always be used in the proper manor and regular maintenance is essential for your protection and to help avoid injury.


Safety Guidelines

Your centre-of-gravity should always be maintained whenever you are in your wheelchair, sitting or traveling. A seat belt should always be used if available.


Daily activities such as transferring to and from the wheelchair, reaching for items and bending forward, should be practiced in someone’s presence before attempting them on you own.


When reaching, leaning or bending forward, always ensure the brakes are locked and maintain a firm and balanced seat position....


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With such a wide range of options available, choosing a mobility scooter can seem like a daunting task but considering the five points below can help pinpoint the type of mobility scooter that you need.

1.  Will You Be Bringing The Mobility Scooter In a Car?

Some of the larger mobility scooters can be heavy, so if you will be regularly travelling with your mobility scooter then we recommend that you choose a travel or boot scooter. Travel / Boot scooters are lighter, compact and designed to be regularly folded and split apart to be brought in a car boot.

2.  What Is The Weight Of The User?

You will also need to consider the weight that the mobility scooter will need to carry. For...


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Any standard mobility scooters come with two batteries consisting of Lead Acid and usually last about three years and sometimes more if they are well looked after. Here are 5 tips to help improve the overall battery lifetime.

1. Charging New Batteries

If your batteries are brand new it is recommended that you charge them fully first and discharge them before charging again. If for example the battery range is 10 miles and you only travel five then is recommended to charge them again. You will only have to do this for the first couple times.

2. Weekly Charging

The best tip we can give is to make sure that you charge your batteries weekly. The main reason why batteries fail or don’t last as...


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Deciding to Buy a Profiling Bed in Ireland

An adjustable or profiling bed is a bed that has a multi-hinged lying surface; this can be profiled into a number of different positions.Profiling Beds Dublin

The common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other. These beds are also height adjustable – meaning there is a position to suit everyone’s needs and requirements.

Adjustable beds were often only used in hospitals but now are commonly found in hospitals and care homes. Many families are now purchasing profiling beds for elderly or disabled family members.

Advantages of a Profiling Bed:

Circulation – Profiling beds can be adjusted at the head and feet positions. Adjusting the...


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How does the knee walker / scooter work?

As the knee walker is quite a brand new medical aid and relatively different from crutches - people can be unsure on how this great device works. This article will help explain how the knee walker works and how to use it.

Knee Walker Knee Pad

One of the main parts to the knee walker is the knee pad. The knee of the foot or ankle that has been operated on is placed on this pad while someone is using the knee walker. The pad is constructed with a durable and supportive material.

While your knee is on the pad you place your hands the handle bar and at the same time use your foot that is on the ground...


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