New! Product Icons Now Being Introduced

At Go Mobility we strive to become the most friendliest mobility website in europe with the best prices and products of the highest quality. A lot of mobility websites these days are the same, full of information and jibberish which doesn’t really go in favour of our customers.

We have decided to set the benchmark in buying mobility equipment online. At Go Mobility we have introduced a new system called “Product Icons” – This will help the customer choose the closest product to their requirements.

For example if Mary wanted to buy a mobility scooter with large batteries then all she would have to do is look for the icon that suits her for the battery size in the product listings.

A close example of our Product Icons would be on our Mobility Scooters page. You can see an example of these below:

Over the next few weeks and months we plan on introducing similar icons to our other product ranges we sell here in Ireland, this may include: Wheelchairs, Riser Recliners, Bathroom Aids, Plus much more!

Example of product listing:

We will be introducing more tools that help our customers buy online over the coming months. If you have any suggestions on our website or would like to give us some feedback then please feel free to email:

Customer Services

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