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A medium sized mobility scooter is ideal for clients wishing to travel that little bit further than the smaller types. The advantage with the medium sized scooters is that you typically get more miles per charge and they are generally larger than the smaller types as they would have a bigger seat and sometimes a suspension.

Medium sized mobility scooters typically do around 4MPH and you could get 10-15KM per full charge. We offer nationwide delivery anywhere in Ireland on these products backed by a guarantee. View Our Mobility Scooter Guide.

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Apex Finesse 5-7 Days

Apex Finesse

The Ultimate Mid-Size Luxury Mobility Scooter The Apex Finesse Mobility Scooter features Comfort-Trac front and rear independent suspension for high performance. Offering a sleek, modern design and a full complement of standard features, including a delta tiller with wraparound handles and a luggage compartment light, the Apex Finesse is an excellent mobility scooter option. Smooth Ride Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension for improved absorption over rough surfaces and a more comfortable ride experience over rough terrain Delta Tiller Ergonomic wraparound handles enables easy..

€2,289.00 Ex Tax: €2,289.00

Colt Deluxe 2.0 5-7 Days

Colt Deluxe 2.0

A modern and compact 6mph scooter The improved Colt Deluxe 2.0 from Pride Mobility Products® Ltd, offers a modern design and compact mobility via a unique drive system and exclusive non-scuffing, black, low-profile tyres. The Colt Deluxe 2.0 features an additional USB charging port, storage/cup holder and frosted LED headlights; perfect for manoeuvrability, comfort and safety. ..

€2,295.00 Ex Tax: €2,295.00

freerider-city-ranger-6 5-7 Days

FreeRider City Ranger 6

All You Need In Town For Less Exactly the same as the City Ranger 8 in almost every respect, the City Ranger 6 gives you all you need, at a more measured top speed of 6mph. THE SAME MANEUVERABILITY Like its big brother, the City Ranger 6 is relatively light on its feet and compact in size for an on-the-road scooter. 49” in length and less than 200lbs in weight makes them both pretty nippy. THE SAME DRIVING PLEASURE The only difference in the way the City Ranger 6 drives is the speed, making it ideal for the pavement rider, who likes the idea of speedier road riding when they n..

€1,995.00 Ex Tax: €1,995.00

freerider-knightsbridge 5-7 Days

FreeRider Knightsbridge

A Slimline Model. Born To Shop The Knightsbridge is one of our shorter, lighter and nimbler Class 2 scooters, and its freewheeling, 3-wheel design makes it ideal for hopping around the shops. UP AND DOWN THE AISLES Slightly shorter, lighter and with an even tighter turning circle than even the City Ranger series, the three wheels on the Knightsbridge help you take even the tightest of turns. ON THE HIGH STREET With a maximum speed of 4mph and high ground clearance, you can comfortably take on high kerbs, ramps or uneven pavement slabs. PRET A PORTER The luxurious captain’s..

€2,250.00 Ex Tax: €2,250.00

FreeRider Mayfair 4

Popular. Practical. Affordable. The Mayfair is mid-sized, but appeals to many, thanks to its easy driving style on pavements, pathways and passages. It’s like driving a handy little hatchback. SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL Shorter, lighter and steadier than their on the road cousins, Class 2 scooters like the Mayfair are no less pleasurable to drive. Easy handling means 4mph is all the speed you need. SMALL IS STRONG Carrying up to 21 stones the Mayfair may be slight, but still packs might. The adjustable captain’s seat gives everyone a comfy driving position. SMALL IS SAFE Wit..

€1,795.00 Ex Tax: €1,795.00

Jazzy Zero Turn

4-Wheel Stability with 3-Wheel Maneuverability  Get a 4-wheel scooter with a 3-wheel turning radius with the Jazzy® Zero Turn and Pride’s exclusive patent-pending, Zero Turn technology. Navigate tight corners and small spaces effortlessly with a 38” turning radius. Illuminate your ride with bright LED lighting. Dual motors and CTS suspension ensure a smooth and comfortable drive. Charging port built into the tiller for easy charging Contemporary new rim design makes the Jazzy® Zero Turn look as good as it drives CTS suspension for comfortable ..

€1,695.00 €1,345.00 Ex Tax: €1,345.00

liteway-4-plus 5-7 Days

Liteway 4 Plus

This high performance all-rounder is daringly different thanks to the unique styling of the lightweight tubular frame and innovative latch-lock system on the two-piece chassis. Thoughtful engineering makes it so easy to dismantle and stow into an average sized boot, leaving plenty of room for other necessities – smaller, individual sections are easier to lift and provide even greater flexibility for when storing away purposes are essential. Swivel seat as standard. Available with an optional battery upgrade to 22Ah, that can give up to a 16 mile range. Optional Extras: Option..

€1,845.00 Ex Tax: €1,845.00

liteway-8 5-7 Days

Liteway 8

At last, a Class 3, transportable, lightweight, aluminium frame scooter that has been especially designed to go the extra mile. The Liteway 8 provides the benefits of an 8 mph scooter in terms of comfort and range of travel, yet offering the convenience of fitting easily into the boot of most family-sized cars. Optional Extras: Optional accessory a front basket Optional lighter seat Optional upgrade of an off-board charging station ..

€2,995.00 Ex Tax: €2,995.00

rascal-388-deluxe 5-7 Days

Rascal 388 Deluxe

The Rascal 388 Deluxe is a well established, great value for money scooter and will suit your everyday mobility needs. At 21’’ wide, it is the narrowest width of any scooter in its class it is equally at home inside a busy supermarket as it is on the pavement. With a comfortable high back Captain’s seat with headrest, smooth controls and adjustable tiller, the 388 range of high performance, reliable scooters are your ideal mobility partner. ..

€1,850.00 Ex Tax: €1,850.00

rascal-388-standard 5-7 Days

Rascal 388 Standard

The Rascal 388 Standard is a well established, great value for money scooter and will suit your everyday mobility needs. At 21’’ wide, it is the narrowest width of any scooter in its class it is equally at home inside a busy supermarket as it is on the pavement. With smooth controls and adjustable tiller, this high performance, reliable scooter could be your ideal mobility partner. ..

€1,270.00 Ex Tax: €1,270.00

rascal-388-xl Pre-Order

Rascal 388 XL

The Rascal 388 XL is the perfect Class 3 scooter with 6 mph top speed, stylish 11’’ wheels, full road lighting and with its narrow chassis it combines safety with performance and manoeuvrability. Sturdier in build and ideal for people requiring additional comfort on those slightly longer journeys – a superb scooter for days out and leisure trips. With a comfortable high back Captain’s seat with headrest, width adjustable armrests and tiller, this scooter can be ‘adapted’ to suit the individual’s requirements. The Rascal 388 XL comes with 1 rea..

€1,540.00 Ex Tax: €1,540.00

rascal-850 5-7 Days

Rascal 850

Whether driving at 4 mph on pavements or 8 mph on roads, the Rascal 850 brings together compact design with Class 3 specification. Available in sleek black with 50Ah batteries as standard you can travel in confidence and style. A fully adjustable sculpted sliding seat with added lumbar support combined with full suspension ensures a smooth ride, whatever the terrain. ..

€2,070.00 Ex Tax: €2,070.00

rascal-pioneer 5-7 Days

Rascal Frontier

The Rascal Frontier is an entry level 8 mph scooter, a proven performer with excellent legroom and a superb turning circle. It features leaf spring suspension, a delta-bar tiller with adjustment, a comfortable swivel seat with padded arms as well as showerproof switches and a large basket making the Frontier one of the most popular scooters on the market. Available with an optional battery upgrade to 55Ah, that can give up to a 25 mile range. Optional Extras: A stylish rear mounted lockable box fitted on a sliding mount to enable easy access without adjusting the seat An all weath..

€2,495.00 Ex Tax: €2,495.00

Rascal Vantage X 5-7 Days

Rascal Vantage X

The Rascal Vantage X is a compact, value for money 6 mph road scooter with extremely smooth user-friendly controls. With a Captain’s comfortable seat, infinitely adjustable delta-bar tiller steering and showerproof switches this highly manoeuvrable scooter features LED lighting and can adequately accommodate users up to 23.5 stone. ..

€1,995.00 Ex Tax: €1,995.00

rascal-vista 5-7 Days

Rascal Vista

ntroducing the exclusive Rascal Vista mid-size pavement scooter. Benefiting from the quick release feature it dismantles into 6 easy-to-lift sections for transporting in your car. The compact & slim-line style offers plenty of legroom yet it is still extremely robust with generous turning manoeuvrability, making it ideal for everyday use. Its features include easy access tiller charging & delta handle bar plus the all-round suspension offers added comfort. Available with solid tyr s as standard. Optional Upgrade: Available with pneumatic tyres   ..

€1,399.00 Ex Tax: €1,399.00

rascal-vista-dx 5-7 Days

Rascal Vista DX

Enjoy day trips without the worry! The Vista DX’s increased 50Ah battery size offers an impressive range of up to 34.5 miles & the luxury Captain’s seat makes it an excellent solution for active people who require a multi-purpose scooter & want to stay out for longer with friends & family. It benefits from the quick release feature it dismantles into 6 easy-to-lift sections for transporting in your car. The compact & slim-line style offers plenty of legroom yet it is still extremely robust with generous turning manoeuvrability, making it ideal for everyday use..

€1,469.00 Ex Tax: €1,469.00

Medium Sized Mobility Scooters, Smaller But Verstatile.

When you get a medium sized mobility scooter in Ireland, you will generally have 8 inch sized wheels and a top speed of 4mph. We offer a range of high quality medium sized mobility scooters in Dublin with our showroom or local delivery - but also throughout Ireland with our national courier service.

There's even better news, if you are in the Dublin area and looking for any type of mobilirty scooter then you can also avail of our home demo service where we will come out and give you a full demonstration of a scooter in the comfort of your own home.

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