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Connect Body Analysis Scale White / Bluetooth Smart 40422 - BS430

Body analysis scale with stainless steel electrodes and Bluetooth The body analysis scale BS 430 connect measures more than just body weight. It detects by means of highly sensitive stainless steel electrodes their precise body fat, body water and muscle mass. The interplay of all of these values is a crucial element in reaching one‘s weight goals in a healthy way along with efficient fitness programs. The large LCD display with white luminous digits and bright blue backlight is easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. The BS 430 connect not only delivers measurements for up to ..

€82.83 Ex Tax: €67.34

FS881 Foot Spa

The FS 881 foot jacuzzi unifies 3 functions in one unit: It allows a fizzy massage as well as a vibration massage and in addition, has an automatic heating function. If you just wish to warm your feet because they are cold, you can also simply heat the water without using the massage function. The massaging attachment that is part of the supplied kit of the FS 881 foot jacuzzi can be used to get a foot massage from the sole up to the dorsum (back) of the foot.  3in1: Water heating, Bubble and Vibration massage   Intensive reflexology Non-slip rubber feet High-definition..

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FWS Foot Warmer

Extra-soft breathable core Removable fluffy soft lining 3 temperature levels Lining machine washable at 30°C Quick heating with 100 watts Extra-soft breathable core Safety system with overheating protection Large foot space (suitable up to shoe size 12) Ergonomically designed controller with LED control display Automatic switch-off after 90 minutes ..

€52.95 Ex Tax: €43.05

HP605 Heating Pad

The heat pad HP 605 not only provides cosy and comforting warmth; it also increases blood circulation in tense muscles so that they can relax. It is extremely pliable due to its soft, breathable cushion and internal flexible heating wires. It can therefore be applied to different areas of the body - whether it be the neck, back, shoulders, abdomen or thigh. 4 temperature settings. Safety system with overheating protection. Removable cover of pleasantly soft upper material Cover machine-washable at 30°C 4 temperature settings Ultra-soft breathable cushion Quick heati..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €32.48

HP610 Heating Pad

The cosy and comforting warmth of the back and neck heat pad HP 610 targets exactly these two areas of the body. It promotes circulation in tense back and neck muscles and helps you to relax after a hard day. Its gentle heat is individually adjustable across four temperature levels and is distributed through the flexible heating wires, heating up with the turbo heat function evenly and quickly. 4 temperature settings and safety system with overheating protection Ultra-soft breathable cushion 4 temperature settings Cushion washable thanks to detachable controller Perfect ..

€52.95 Ex Tax: €43.05

HP622 Heating Pad

The shoulder-and-neck heating pillow HP 622 can be used to gently warm those body regions in a targeted manner. It has an ergonomically shaped operating switch with 6 temperature levels, and its cuddly soft warmth is distributed uniformly and quickly through flexible heating wires, the matrix sensor system and the Turbo-Heat feature with powerful 100 Watts. The heating cushion HP 622 stimulates circulation through stiff shoulder and neck muscles and helps to relax comfortably after a strenuous day. The heating wires and a matrix sensor system for even heat distribution Handy cont..

€60.60 Ex Tax: €49.27

HP625 Heating Pad 4D

With the HP 625 heating pad, MEDISANA presents a true innovation for pliant, cuddlesome heat: The new, unique 4D technology and the Turbo Heat feature with a powerful 100 Watts guarantee you and your body particularly intense application of heat. The basic principle of the new technology is the increased heat dissipation through convection. Owing to the convection, the air becomes a transporter of heat. The heat can be dissipated much better and the heating pads get heated tangibly faster. Innovative 4D heating technology – for an intense heat development Flexible heating w..

€61.96 Ex Tax: €50.37

Infrared Multifunctional Thermometer

Precise measurement of the body temperature in the ear and on the forehead in seconds Visual fever alarm Additional function: measurement of ambient temperature, liquids and surfaces Precise measurement of the body temperature in the ear and on the forehead in seconds Certified medicinal product Date and time Acoustic signal at the beginning and end of temperature reading Automatic storage of the last 30 measurement results ..

€44.94 Ex Tax: €36.54

IRH Infrared Lamp 100W

The infrared lamp IHR supports treatment at home and can assist medical measures ordered by a physician when suffering from colds, tense muscles, muscle spasms, muscle pain, rheumatic complaints and for the treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders, for example. The intensive infrared light promotes circulation and can relieve pain. Intensive infrared light (100 watt) to relieve muscle aches and common colds. Supports blood circulation Alleviates pain Adjustable tilt angle Certified medical device (Certification according to MDD Medical Device Directive) Energy-savi..

€22.95 Ex Tax: €18.66

PM100 Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter for determination of oxygen saturation and heart rate pulse • 10 adjustable brightness levels • 6 different view displays • Automatic switch-off after 8 seconds • Battery level indicator • Representation of values on dual-color OLED display • With carrying strap • Oxygen saturation and pulse can be displayed in bar graph or waveform ..

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PowerRoll PRO Massage Roll with Depth Vibration

The Medisana PowerRoll is a massage roll with vibration motor for deep vibration massage. It supports to prevent muscle tensions and to regenerate your muscles more quickly (e.g. aftera intense workout). The extremly powerful motor provides a second-to-none vibration effect in 4 different intensities. The Medisana PowerRoll combines the deep vibration massage with a pressure massage (by your own weight), so that the tensed muscles will be effectively loosened. ..

€99.95 Ex Tax: €81.26

USC Ultrasonic Inhalator

Compact and space-saving – ideal for travelling For targeted treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (e.g. asthma and cold) High efficiency through innovative micro-membrane nebulisation (mesh technology) with ultrafine droplets Particularly effective through high respirable proportion Inhalation with mask or mouthpiece - also eminently suitable for children Low-noise nebulisation Comprehensive set of accessories: Inhalation with mask, mouthpiece or nose adapter – ideal for children ..

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Air Humidifier with Timer - 60050

The dry air in overheated rooms irritates the respiratory system and dries out the mucous membranes. To combat this, protect your health with the correct level of humidity. The humidifier Ultrabreeze starts pre-heating as soon as you turn it on. This acts to destroy germs and bacteria. This function is used to protect your dry mucous membranes.   Micro fine nebulization through Ultrasound technology to improve the breathable air. Low-noise and energy-saving Timer for programming the duration of atomisation Additional night light Integrated clock with alarm function Oper..

€109.95 Ex Tax: €89.39


Body analysis scale with high-quality ITO electrodes The body analysis scale BS 440 connect does more than simply weigh - it analyses that most important factors indicating bodily fitness, such as body fat, amount of body water, and muscle mass. And it does so in the very best way. Because of their high quality, the ITO electrodes are ultrathin with a vacuum-metalized surface. As a result, they can hardly be seen or felt. The BS 440 connect not only delivers measurements for up to eight users and shows them on the large backlit display, but can also transmit them by Bluetooth® to the Vi..

€104.94 Ex Tax: €85.32

Pulse Oximeter White - Bluetooth 79457

With our pulse oximeters PM 100 and PM 150 connect one measures one‘s arterial oxygen Saturation (Sp02) and heart rate (pulse) for reliable self-monitoring at home or on the road. The application of pulse oximetry ranges from sports in low-oxygen altitude to health care control and the care of patients suffering from heart or lung diseases. If the body periphery is not provided with enough oxygen, it threatens to overload the cardiovascular system. With its Bluetooth® Smart interface, the data can be transferred from the PM 150 to all compatible devices, stored and s..

€94.94 Ex Tax: €77.19