Low Cost Living Aids

Buying Low Cost Living Aids in Ireland

Simple mobility aids and equipment to assist disabled or elderly people to do daily tasks with less hassle.

Everyday tasks such as gripping, turning, eating, writing and getting dressed can become difficult for people with reduced mobility, especially in the hands and arms.

We aim to supply excellent value for money on all our living aids. All in stock items will be delivered next working day if your order is placed before 1 o’clock daily.

We have put the following list together to give you an idea of the products that are available from GoMobility.ie

1. Key Turner

The Homecraft key turners have curved built up handles for holding keys. They provide an easy grip and good leverage for turning any Yale or Mortice type key. These can be a great help for anyone how finds it difficult with turning keys. Available at only €4.99 excluding delivery.

2. Ring Pull Tin Opener

This plastic Ring Puller provides excellent leverage and there is also a large broad surface for grip. The flat end fits easily under the tab to break the seal before removing the lid with the hook end. Available at only €4.99 excluding delivery.

3. Plastic Shoe Horn

An inexpensive plastic moulded shoe horn. The long handle gives the user an excellent reach. There is also a hook attached to the handle, meaning it can be put away neatly. This shoe horn is available for only €4.99 excluding delivery.

4. Dorking Stocking Aid

A simple and inexpensive mobility aid to assist with putting on a sock especially if the person finds it difficult bending and reaching the foot. It consists of a strong, shaped, flexible plastic with cotton tapes attached to the top. The Dorking Stocking Aid is available at only €5.99 excluding delivery.

5. Ananox Seven Day Pill Organiser

This seven day single pill organiser is designed for easy handling and can contain a full week’s supply of medication, with easily identified days of the week. This pill organiser is easy to handle and the lids are easy to open, without being too easy that they can become undone in pockets or handbags. It is durable, long-lasting and dishwasher safe. Available at €8.99 excluding delivery.

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