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medication aids

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Eye Drop Dispenser

Suitable for the majority of people who struggle with eye drops, this eye drop dispenser boosts confidence and supports independence. Simple to use and durable, Opticare accurately and safely targets the eye and helps you to squeeze the bottle. The grip sized design makes it ideal for elderly or arthritic hands. Each dispenser is now supplied with a simple adaptor making it compatible with many non standard bottles. ..

€26.00 Ex Tax: €21.14

Pill Crusher & Dispenser

Uses a screw action to crush uncoated pills into a powder ideal for mixing in a drink or putting in food. The upper section can be used as a drinking cup or for medication storage. Ideal for children or for those with difficulty swallowing. ..

€24.00 Ex Tax: €19.51

Pill Organiser 5-7 Days

Pill Organiser

This is ideal for people who take larger numbers of tablets more frequently each day. It has four clearly marked compartments for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. It is also marked with each week day.   ..

€9.00 Ex Tax: €7.32

Seven Day Pill Organiser

The 7-day single pill box is designed for easy handling and to contain a full week's supply of medication with easy identification of days of the week. The ergonomic shape means it is easy to handle and the lids are designed to be easy to open without falling undone in pockets or handbags. It features seven compartments, one for each day of the week, and is manufactured from high quality material. Durable and long lasting it is dishwasher safe.  ..

€12.00 Ex Tax: €9.76