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Gripping & Turning Aids

gripping and turning aids

Gripping & Turning Aids

Award Winning Mobility Company - Winner of the Irish Independent Retail Awards 2019 Bespoke Retailer Of The Year.

If you have ever struggled to open a jar or a lid of a bottle then our range of gripping and turning aids should make things easier. These items are not just simply for users with limited grip but should be in every household in Ireland.

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Bottle Opener & Knob Turner

Flexible rubber moulding for an easy, firm grip on small tops e.g. drink bottles or medicine containers. Also excellent for turning knobs. ..

€11.69 Ex Tax: €9.50

Contour Turner

This device is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps. The head has a bed of sprung stainless steel rods, which when pressed around an object, retract, conform around its shape, and provide a purchase around it when the handle is turned. The handle is a black plastic T-piece, which is easy to grip. It is small enough to be carried around in a pocket or hand bag. ..

€17.95 Ex Tax: €14.59

Key Turner - White

The Homecraft key turners have generous curved built up handles for holding keys. They provide an easy grip and good leverage for turning any Yale or mortice type door key. The two and three key turners feature a locking lever that allows keys to be folded into the handle when not in use. This product may be referenced by 09-110-2227, 091102227 or AA6240 ..

€5.00 Ex Tax: €4.07