Falls Management

Falls Management
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LED Motion Sensor Night Light 10 - 12 Days

LED Motion Sensor Night Light

As we get older, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to see as well as we used to. An eye test and new glasses can be a big help, but proper lighting is just as critical. Position this light with adjustable angle along a skirting board and the bright LED's will light up when they sense the movement of someone getting up and stay on for 30 seconds after the motion has stopped. This will light the path and avoid unnecessary injury from trips and falls in the night. Ideal for wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, stairs and much more. Key Benefits ..

€22.08 Ex Tax: €17.95

MPPL Additional Waterproof Pendant 10 - 12 Days

MPPL Additional Waterproof Pendant

MPPL pendant in a waterproof case, for use with the MPPL pager (sold separately). The large easy to press switch makes this pendant ideal for people with limited dexterity, or hand impairment due to conditions such as arthritis. The pendant comes complete with a lanyard so it can be worn round the neck, or it be worn using the hook/loop fastening wrist strap, or can be clipped to a belt. Up to ten pendant sensors can be used with one pager. Waterproof pendant requires 1 x A23 battery (included). Has an open field range of 120m. Must be used with MPPL Pager M99771 or as addition to MPP..

€75.01 Ex Tax: €60.98

MPPL Pager

The MPPL Pager is a portable alarmed pager with multiple volume settings. Durable & robust design with belt clip for convenience Can be linked with up to 8 transmitters, providing coverage for multiple rooms or areas Multiple pagers can learn the signal from up to 8 transmitters, allowing for complex customisation Alarm alerts: vibrate only, vibrate + low tone, vibrate + high tone. Latching alarm – must be reset to cancel 2 x AA batteries (included) – Low battery warning LED This product is an add on and must be used in conjunction with the MPPL Pager M9977..

€99.02 Ex Tax: €80.50

MPPL Pager & Waterproof Pendant Out Of Stock

MPPL Pager & Waterproof Pendant

Easy to use even when you have limited dexterity, the MPPL Pager & Waterproof Pendant has an easy to press switch that triggers an alert on the carer's pager. Housed in a waterproof casing, the pendant is worn on a wrist strap or lanyard for ease of use and has a field range of 120 metres. The pager can be set to vibrate only or vibrate with either a low or high tone. It can be worn on a lanyard or belt clip and requires 2 x AA batteries. Additional pagers & pendants available. ..

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MPPL Wandering Alert Kit – Door/Window, Floor & Pager Kit Out Of Stock

MPPL Wandering Alert Kit – Door/Window, Floor & Pager Kit

Increasing safety by preventing the risk of falls when wandering, the Wandering Alert Floor & Door Sensor Kit consists of a floor pressure mat, a magnetic door contact transmitter and radio pager. The hard-wearing mat, which can be placed next to a bed or chair, detect pressure when it's stood on. This sends an alert to a pager so that carers can administer help to the patient. The door sensor can be used on internal or external doors to detect when the patient is leaving the room. Pager alerts can be vibrations or sounds or a combination. All devices feature a low battery alert, si..

€299.95 Ex Tax: €243.86