Knee Walkers – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Knee Walkers

At Go Mobility, we believe in providing the most up to date and accurate information on our knee walkers. So we have decided to take the time to write up a questions and answers page to help people get the answers needed on these knee walkers. Remember, we offer nationwide delivery of our knee walkers in Ireland.

How does the knee walker operate?
Our knee walkers are a revolutionary alternative to crutches in Ireland and can be beneficial for people recovering from ankle or foot surgery – or even an accident. When using the knee walker, you simply put your knee on the knee pad. Once your knee is resting safely, you push yourself along with your good leg and the knee walker will begin to move. Once you get moving, you are able to steer it in whichever direction you like. Our knee walkers are fitted with dual brakes which will help you when it comes to slowing or stopping.

How much weight will the knee walker take?
Our knee walkers can take anyone up to 21 stone or 136kg.

What is the total weight of the knee walker?
The knee walker weighs around 8kg and can be transported easily once folded.

Can the knee pad height be adjusted?
Our knee walkers can be freely adjusted from 17.5 inches to 21.5 inches. We would normally see these as being suitable for anyone who is a minimum height of 5’2″. When it comes to adjusting, you simply undo the thumb screw located under the knee pad which will allow for easy adjustment.

Can the handles be adjusted up or down?
You can move the knee walker handle height between 33-37 inches.

Is the knee walker transportable?
Yes definitely, our knee walkers are great for transporting. They can be quickly folded down to nicely fit the boot of the car. For small boots, you can remove the knee pad to make it even more compact.

Do the knee walkers have any brakes?
All our knee walkers are fitted with 2 brakes which can be easily operated from the handlebar. There is one located each side.

I have also heard of the Knee Scooter, is this the same thing?
Yes, Knee walkers and knee scooters are the exact same.

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