Knee Walker Drill Down – Buying Or Renting in Ireland

How does the knee walker / scooter work?

As the knee walker is quite a brand new medical aid and relatively different from crutches – people can be unsure on how this great device works. This article will help explain how the knee walker works and how to use it.
Knee Walker Knee Pad

One of the main parts to the knee walker is the knee pad. The knee of the foot or ankle that has been operated on is placed on this pad while someone is using the knee walker. The pad is constructed with a durable and supportive material.

While your knee is on the pad you place your hands the handle bar and at the same time use your foot that is on the ground to push yourself along.

Adjusting the knee pad height

The height of the knee pad can be adjusted from 17.5 inches to 21.5 inches. To adjust the knee pad height, loosen the black thumbscrew as shown in the image above. Once the screw has been removed you can adjust the knee pad up or down. When you have found the desired height simply put the thumbscrew back in and tighten until you are unable to move the knee pad.

Using the knee walker brakes

The knee walker has a rear wheel braking system. There is a brake handle similar to a bicycle brake on each side of the handlebar. To use the brake you simply pull the brake lever just as you would on a bike. If you wish to lock the brake you push in the round button on top of the brake handle whilst you pull the lever towards you and it now should be locked. To release the brake you simply pull in the handle and let it go again. Please ensure that you always engage the brakes before taking your hands off the handlebar or when disembarking.

Adjust the handlebar height

The height of the handlebar can be adjusted from 33 inches – 37.5 inches. To adjust the height, simply release the lock tab near the top of the tiller. Move the handle to the desired height and then push the lock tab back in place.

Folding the knee walker

Another great feature of the knee walker is that is can be easily folded for transportation or storage. To fold the knee walker simply pull the bottom lock lever away from the knee walker until the lock is disengaged. While holding the lock lever in the down position, fold the tiller down until it rests beside the knee pad.

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