Information For Purchasing Commodes Online in Ireland

Commodes are ideal for people who have reduced mobility or have issues making it to the toilet in time. Commodes are designed for the bedroom, bathroom or shower. There are many types of commodes available from Go Mobility. They rangefrom a standard steel frame to a wicker style, which can be more discreet.

At we have something for everyones budget, as we now people are looking for value for money in todays climate.

Types of Commodes

Bedside Commodes – Also known as a ‘commode chair’ these are a stand alone chair style and can vary in design from a steel frame to a wicker chair.

Wheeled Commodes – Also known as ‘transfer chair commodes’ the wheels provide earier access from the bedroom to the bathroom. Some wheeled commodes can be wheeled directly over the existing toilet or may also used as a shower commode as they can be wheeled directly into the shower.

Shower Comodes – Efficient in aiding hygiene for anyone with mobility issues. These commodes are constructed from materials that are designed for that environment (plastic and rust free metals).

Bariatric Commodes – These are another typeof stand alone commode. They are designed to support people who weigh over 300lb (21 Stones). With some bariatric commodes they may also have drop down arms for convience and ease of access.

Whichever commode you choose to buy, we are only a phone call away on 01 866 3366

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