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Adaptive Crockery Set – Blue 10 - 12 Days

Adaptive Crockery Set – Blue

As dementia progresses, eating can be harder as co-ordination declines and it becomes harder to feed yourself using standard crockery and cutlery. Swallowing and chewing can also get harder in the later stages of dementia. This can mean that eating a meal takes longer, and food is more likely to go cold, making the whole experience less enjoyable. This Find adaptive crockery set is made from hard-wearing melamine, which means it’s less likely to shatter if dropped, is dishwasher safe and is lightweight, so it’s easier for people with less strength to use. The plates and cup..

€48.28 Ex Tax: €39.90

Red Rim Bowl 10 - 12 Days

Red Rim Bowl

Easier to see against kitchen work tops and tables, the Red Rimmed Bowl is ideal for people with visual impairments or dementia. The white bowl design is inclusive and features a simple yet highly effective, contrasting red rim. Made from tough polycarbonate, it's microwave and dishwasher safe. White bowl with a high contrast red rim Ideal for people with visual impairments or dementia Easier to see and distinguish against surfaces like tables Made from tough polycarbonate Microwave and dishwasher safe ..

€7.20 Ex Tax: €5.95