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Lumie Skincare Clear

Developed with leading dermatologists, Clear is a new treatment for mild-moderate acne and offers an alternative to creams and prescriptions. Clear uses blue and red LEDs; these emit blue light to kill the bacteria that cause acne and red light to soothe inflammation and heal the skin. In clinical trials, this kind of combined blue/red light therapy made a real difference within four weeks and, after 12 weeks, skin was 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer. You can use it to treat any area affected by acne: either hold Clear next to your skin for 15 minutes intensive treatment or use it o..

€179.00 Ex Tax: €147.93

Lumie Sunrise Alarm

Sunrise Alarm simulates a sunrise to help you wake up naturally. The sunrise starts 30 minutes before your alarm time and slowly brightens over half an hour to wake you gently. Snooze button gives you another 5 minutes in bed. If you like the reassurance of an audio alarm, Sunrise Alarm has an optional alarm beep or a choice of 5 natural sounds, including birdsong and a purring kitten. When you’re ready to sleep, touch the sunset button and the light will dim over 30 minutes to help you relax. The display can be switched to low or off if you prefer. Sunrise Alarm is our lowest..

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Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm Pack of 3

Alerts a person to a door or window opening – good for people who wander or to increase home security. ..

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MPPL Pager & Waterproof Pendant Out Of Stock

MPPL Pager & Waterproof Pendant

Easy to use even when you have limited dexterity, the MPPL Pager & Waterproof Pendant has an easy to press switch that triggers an alert on the carer's pager. Housed in a waterproof casing, the pendant is worn on a wrist strap or lanyard for ease of use and has a field range of 120 metres. The pager can be set to vibrate only or vibrate with either a low or high tone. It can be worn on a lanyard or belt clip and requires 2 x AA batteries. Additional pagers & pendants available. ..

€166.25 Ex Tax: €137.40

MPPL Wandering Alert Kit – Door/Window, Floor & Pager Kit 10 - 12 Days

MPPL Wandering Alert Kit – Door/Window, Floor & Pager Kit

Increasing safety by preventing the risk of falls when wandering, the Wandering Alert Floor & Door Sensor Kit consists of a floor pressure mat, a magnetic door contact transmitter and radio pager. The hard-wearing mat, which can be placed next to a bed or chair, detect pressure when it's stood on. This sends an alert to a pager so that carers can administer help to the patient. The door sensor can be used on internal or external doors to detect when the patient is leaving the room. Pager alerts can be vibrations or sounds or a combination. All devices feature a low battery alert, si..

€295.07 Ex Tax: €243.86

Talking Alarm Clock 10 - 12 Days

Talking Alarm Clock

With a large face and digital display, the Talking Alarm Clock features a button that you can push to hear the time. With an optional alarm and hourly time announcements, this is an ideal device for anyone with visual impairments. Push button announces the time Digital display is easy to read Optional alarm and hourly announcements Large clock face ..

€20.57 Ex Tax: €17.00

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock 10 - 12 Days

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

Placed under your pillow, this Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock effectively wakes you with vibrations and sound so that you will awaken, even if you have difficulty hearing. Vibrating alarm Can be placed under pillow Uses sound as well as vibrations Compact and simple to use Ideal for travel ..

€28.98 Ex Tax: €23.95

Wake "n" Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock 10 - 12 Days

Wake "n" Shake Vibrating Alarm Clock

This stylish and modern alarm clock is ideal for anyone who is hard of hearing. It features a large LCD display, and adjustable volume alarm, a vibrating pad that can be placed under the pillow and a strobe light to wake the user. There are four alarm options: Shaker, Flash & alarm, Flash & shaker, Alarm & shaker. It is easy to use and can also be used as a telephone ring alerter. Super extra loud (95 dB), similar to a chainsaw Continuous snooze Snooze time adjustable from 1 to 30 minutes Duration of alarm: 1 to 59 minutes Large LED Screen 2.2 / 6cm Extra Large..

€123.03 Ex Tax: €101.68

WL 444 Wake Up Light Out Of Stock

WL 444 Wake Up Light

The Medisana Wake-up Light wakes you up naturally by simulating natural sunrise – with a special combination of light and eight natural sounds to select from. The light intensity increases continuously, and it gradually becomes brighter like in nature, starting about 30 minutes before the actual waking-up time. As a result, the production of waking hormones is stimulated in the body even before we wake up. Alarm function through an integrated FM radio or 8 natural sounds. Long-lasting, energy-saving LED lighting Backup battery Colour-changing wellness light with 7 colours ..

€68.85 Ex Tax: €56.90