Sports Health Accessories

Sports Health Accessories
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Vulkan Instant Ice Pack

  Ideal for any emergency, these packs are activated by simply squeezing them. They instantly turn ice cold. ..

€4.24 Ex Tax: €3.45

Vulkan Sports Bottles and Carrier

Bottles and carrier An ideal accompaniment to Vulkan Kit Bags. ..

€61.46 Ex Tax: €49.97

Vulkan® Team First Aid Kit (Bag with (Contents)

Fits neatly into a trainers bag. Ideal for use on the field, in the home or in the car. Contains: 4 x Big Plasters 10cm x 9cm 1 x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5cm 1 x Zinc Oxide 2.5cm x 10cm 1 x Sterile Dressing: 12cm x 12cm 10 x Cotton Buds 1 x EAB 2.5cm x 4.5cm 6 x Wound Cleansing Wipes (alcohol free) 1 x Vinyl Gloves: Powder Free (Medium) 5 x Sterile Sw ..

€33.25 Ex Tax: €27.03

Vulkan® Touchline Pro - Bag with content Kit B

Bag with content Kit B Professional and stylish, this extremely versatile, washproof medical bag will help you keep your medical supplies organised. Size 39×25×24cm. Kit B contents: 1 Crepe Bandage 7.5cm×4.5cm1 Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm×10cm, 10 x Waterproof Dressings, 2 x Sterile Dressing: 12cm×12cm, 1 x Finger Dressing, 4 x Big Plasters: 10cm×9cm, 5 x Double Sided Non-Adherent Dressing: 5cm×5cm, 6 x Wound Cleansing Wipes (Alcohol Free), 2 x Vulkan Ice Pack, 2 x Vinyl Gloves: Powder Free (Medium), 10 x Cotton Buds, 1 x Swabs Sterlie: 10cm×10c..

€81.14 Ex Tax: €65.97