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Analogue Dementia Care Day/Night Clock 5-7 Days

Analogue Dementia Care Day/Night Clock

Ideal for anyone suffering with dementia, the easy to read, Analogue Dementia Care Day/Night Clock helps you if you struggle to distinguish between day and night when you read the time. With a dark blue sky and yellow moon and stars to represent night time and light blue sky with clouds and a sun to represent day time, this clock also includes morning, afternoon, evening and night-time graphics to help to avoid misinterpretation. Helps you to distinguish between day and night Night and day graphics move accordingly with the time of day Morning, afternoon, evening and night-time..

€40.53 Ex Tax: €32.95

Cordless Photophone 5-7 Days

Cordless Photophone

With large, easy to see photographs of up to ten family members or friends, the Cordless Photophone can be a huge help if you have difficulty remembering numbers or living with limited dexterity. Simply push the photograph to call that person. This cordless telephone also features an easy to see back-lit keypad, screen, adjustable volume, hands-free speakers, a clock and five ring tone settings. Key Features Push a photographs to call that person Also features a large, back-lit keypad and screen Cordless and hands-free Insert your own pictures to the speed dials ..

€75.18 Ex Tax: €61.12

Doro 319PH MemoryPlus Amplified Telephone 5-7 Days

Doro 319PH MemoryPlus Amplified Telephone

The Doro 319ph is especially helpful for people with limited dexterity or cognitive impairments. The ergonomically designed keypad, four photo buttons, handset and sliding handset volume setting make it really simple to use. It features three ringer volume settings and has an integral ringer lamp to further indicate that a call is being received. Also includes an optional keypad cover. Key Features Amplified telephone with 3 ringer volume settings Big button keypad Four photo buttons Ringer light illuminates when phone rings ..

€81.24 Ex Tax: €66.05

Doro Secure 580 Mobile Phone 5-7 Days

Doro Secure 580 Mobile Phone

Designed to be easy to read, the screen of the Doro Secure 580 Simple Mobile Phone is large and clear in full colour. The phone features four large and easy to push backlit buttons, as well as an SOS button on the back for emergencies. This can send an SMS alarm to pre-set numbers, along with a GPS location report to those who receive the message. The cover is waterproof, making it a very convenient and robust device. Key Features Simple to use mobile phone SOS button sends SMS and GPS message to friends or family who are set up to receive it Four large backlit buttons La..

€224.71 Ex Tax: €182.69

Radio Controlled LCD Digital Calendar Clock 5-7 Days

Radio Controlled LCD Digital Calendar Clock

With a large, digital display, this Radio Controlled LCD Digital Calendar Clock provides the time, day, date and month and automatically changes according to the seasons. Featuring a built in desk stand, it can also be wall-mounted. Large digital display Easy to read Displays day, date, time and month Automatically adjusts to the seasons Can be wall-mounted ..

€33.15 Ex Tax: €26.95

Red Bath Step

Ideal for use at the side of the bath or shower cubicle to reduce the height of the step in. Can also be used in conjunction with a bath board to aid lifting legs over the side. Made from strong plastic, the Bath Step grips firmly to your floor with non-slip rubber feet, providing a safe and stable platform when getting into and out of your bath. Available in bold red, which is particularly useful for anyone living with dementia or visual impairments. Reduces distance you need to step up Increases bathroom safety Grips firmly to your floor Red bath step is ideal for dementi..

€84.87 Ex Tax: €69.00

RNIB Cube Talking Clock - Grey

Making your home more accessible for you, the Talking Cube Clock is simple to use and announces the time verbally in a natural, English male voice. Featuring easy to use function buttons and audible cues for setting and alarming the clock, it benefits from a choice of alarms including a mechanical bell, horn or cuckoo and also has an alarm reminder and volume control. It's a great device for anyone with visual impairments or dementia sufferers who lose track of time. Announces time verbally in a natural, English male voice Easy to use buttons for greater accessibility Audi..

€48.01 Ex Tax: €39.03

Toilet Seat Blue 5-7 Days

Toilet Seat Blue

This Standard toilet seat is simple to clean and moulded from one piece of high quality polypropylene. Ideal for maintaining a clean environment. The "universal" fittings mean it should fit all standard toilet pans. Dementia can affect your ability to see colours, particularly if they’re not very bright; with many toilet seats coming in white or cream, it can make it harder for someone to seat themselves easily, however the high visibility of this toilet seat will contrast with the cistern and the toilet bowl, making it much easier for someone with dementia to see exactly wh..

€55.29 Ex Tax: €44.95