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Health Monitors
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A & D Palm Top Monitor

The UA-704 has an innovative "Palm Top" style that makes monitoring your blood pressure easy. The ergonomically designed monitor fits in your palm so you can start your BP measurement easily. Its great portability enables you to carry this unit anywhere to monitor at anytime.     ..

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A&D Blood Pressure Monitor Designed for Women

The UA-782 was designed for women and it includes all our latest features inside elegant external casing and cosmetics. We are sure that the friendly external design will make regular BP measurements at home more enjoyable for women. Smooth and fast measurements. Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator. Blood pressure classification indicator (WHO) 90-reading memory. Newly designed e-Cuff. Unique heart shaped cuff holder. ..

€97.58 Ex Tax: €79.33

Basic Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

This upper arm automatic blood pressure monitor is the latest in a long line of quality measurement instruments from A&D Medical. This excellent value monitor, combines all of the qualities normally associated with A&D products - Clinical validation, excellent features, simple and stylish design - but at recession busting price. The monitor is supplied with a latex and metal free cuff, and runs on 4 x "AA" batteries (included).     ..

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Body analysis scale with high-quality ITO electrodes The body analysis scale BS 440 connect does more than simply weigh - it analyses that most important factors indicating bodily fitness, such as body fat, amount of body water, and muscle mass. And it does so in the very best way. Because of their high quality, the ITO electrodes are ultrathin with a vacuum-metalized surface. As a result, they can hardly be seen or felt. The BS 440 connect not only delivers measurements for up to eight users and shows them on the large backlit display, but can also transmit them by Bluetooth® to the Vi..

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Pedometer with 14 Day Memory

The UW-101 are equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, which detects motion in all directions. This technology allows them to accurately track your steps, even if you put them in your pocket or bag! The UW-series encourages you to keep walking, a simple aerobic exercise that you can do every day to improve your health. ..

€32.80 Ex Tax: €26.67

Pulse Oximeter White - Bluetooth 79457

With our pulse oximeters PM 100 and PM 150 connect one measures one‘s arterial oxygen Saturation (Sp02) and heart rate (pulse) for reliable self-monitoring at home or on the road. The application of pulse oximetry ranges from sports in low-oxygen altitude to health care control and the care of patients suffering from heart or lung diseases. If the body periphery is not provided with enough oxygen, it threatens to overload the cardiovascular system. With its Bluetooth® Smart interface, the data can be transferred from the PM 150 to all compatible devices, stored and s..

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