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Reminders & Locators

Reminders & Locators

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Combination Board 600 x 400mm with marker, pins & fixings

Combination Board 600 x 400mm with marker, pins & fixings ..

€11.93 Ex Tax: €9.70

Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm Pack of 3

Alerts a person to a door or window opening – good for people who wander or to increase home security. ..

€7.32 Ex Tax: €5.95

Object Locator

Using wireless key ring beepers, the Object Locator works with a remote control. Simply pressing the corresponding button on the remote control activates the key ring beeper that's attached to the required item, Ideal to help you find your keys, purse, walking stick or even your handbag, the Object Locator is a great aid if you struggle to remember when you left things. Helps you locate different objects around your house Remote control activates the keyring beeper Ideal for helping you to find your keys or bags Supplied with five wireless key ring beepers ..

€49.14 Ex Tax: €39.95

TabTime Super 8 Daily Pill Reminder

The superb new Tabtime Super 8 has taken almost 5 years to develop and whist it has been especially designed to help those who suffer from Parkinson's disease & Alzheimer's, this marvellous new invention will also be of huge benefit to anyone who has to regularly take pills or medication to control their symptoms. The special features of Tabtime Super 8 are: Up to 8 daily alarms at whatever times you require 8 tablet compartments numbered 1-8 Flashing red l.e.d on lid that starts to flash at the same time as the alarm buzzes and continues to flash until the case is open..

€30.75 Ex Tax: €25.00

TabTime Vibe - Daily Pill Dispenser/Reminder

Daily pill timer/ reminder with audio & vibrating alarms especially useful for the hard of hearing or for those who don't want to be disturbed by an audio alarm. Features We have been searching for a good, reliable vibrating pill timer/reminder for several years and we believe we have now found the ideal product, especially useful for the hard of hearing the new TabTime Vibe offers the following useful features: Daily Pill Dispenser with up to 5 daily Audio & Vibrating Alarms Alarm choice - Vibration & Audio - Vibration only - Audio only 5 Corresponding tablet c..

€24.91 Ex Tax: €20.25

Whiteboard 600 x 400mm 10 - 12 Days

Whiteboard 600 x 400mm

Economy Whiteboard 600 x 400mm with marker & fixings ..

€11.93 Ex Tax: €9.70