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Curved Transfer Board With Non Slip Pad 5-7 Days

Curved Transfer Board With Non Slip Pad

The Homecraft Curved Transfer Board is designed to enable people with limited strength and mobility to assist with functional transfers. The board is ideal for car, bed, chair and toilet transfers, facilitating independence with safety. The arc shape not only enables a variety of positioning options, but also allows for the natural sweeping pattern of an assisted transfer. For increased stability and security the Homecraft Curved Transfer Board has two non-slip pads on the base of the board. Wipes clean easily for infection control purposes. ..

€63.00 Ex Tax: €51.22

Spreading Board w/ Spikes 5-7 Days

Spreading Board w/ Spikes

This durable one-piece moulded board has a raised L-shape in one corner. This allows bread to be spread using one hand. It also features a set of six stainless steel spikes that can be inserted into the board. The spikes are designed to hold produce, such as bread or vegetables, firmly in place whilst they are being sliced or chopped. This product may be referenced by 09-109-6759, 091096759 or AA528401 ..

€14.00 Ex Tax: €11.38