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Health Products

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Recently we've expanded our website to accomodate a range of health products we've introduced. Our range of health products include Weights, Foot Products, Sports and more. Get nationwide delivery in Ireland across all our products on this site.

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Vulkan® Team First Aid Kit (Bag with (Contents) 10 - 12 Days

Vulkan® Team First Aid Kit (Bag with (Contents)

Fits neatly into a trainers bag. Ideal for use on the field, in the home or in the car. Contains: 4 x Big Plasters 10cm x 9cm 1 x Crepe Bandage 7.5cm x 4.5cm 1 x Zinc Oxide 2.5cm x 10cm 1 x Sterile Dressing: 12cm x 12cm 10 x Cotton Buds 1 x EAB 2.5cm x 4.5cm 6 x Wound Cleansing Wipes (alcohol free) 1 x Vinyl Gloves: Powder Free (Medium) 5 x Sterile Sw ..

€33.26 Ex Tax: €27.04

Vulkan® Touchline Pro - Bag with content Kit B

Bag with content Kit B Professional and stylish, this extremely versatile, washproof medical bag will help you keep your medical supplies organised. Size 39×25×24cm. Kit B contents: 1 Crepe Bandage 7.5cm×4.5cm1 Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm×10cm, 10 x Waterproof Dressings, 2 x Sterile Dressing: 12cm×12cm, 1 x Finger Dressing, 4 x Big Plasters: 10cm×9cm, 5 x Double Sided Non-Adherent Dressing: 5cm×5cm, 6 x Wound Cleansing Wipes (Alcohol Free), 2 x Vulkan Ice Pack, 2 x Vinyl Gloves: Powder Free (Medium), 10 x Cotton Buds, 1 x Swabs Sterlie: 10cm×10c..

€81.14 Ex Tax: €65.97

Vulkan® Wrist Brace

Designed to limit movement for those suffering from repetitive strains and rheumatic pain. Features a removable aluminium splint and it is a natural inconspicuous colour. ..

€13.97 Ex Tax: €13.97

Vulkan® Wrist Wrap

The Vulkan® wrist wrap is a popular and effective lightweight support that is highly recommended for a variety of wrist injuries to support the wrist and help control swelling. One size fits all. ..

€11.03 Ex Tax: €8.97

Elasticated Adhesive Bandage

Premium lightweight strapping provides firm support for sprains and strains. Tailored soft edges provide excellent conformability and comfort. Available in a 4.5metre roll; Bandage Width – 7.5cm ..

€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50

Family Scales

Infrared (IR) temperature recording technology. Lightweight, compact design 4 measurement modes – ear, forehead, surface & room Safe, hygienic and easy to use for use with babies, children and adults No need for probe covers – saving cost & environmentally friendly One second ear measurement °C / °F conversion Last reading recall/memory for 25 measurements Audible fever alarm triggered above 37.5℃ / 99.5℉ ..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €18.69

Posture Position Belt

Posture Position – a kind posture support vest for improved posture, back support and relieve the back from slouching. ENHANCE YOUR POSTURE – Posture Position is a posture vest designed for improving your posture. It puts you in a correct posture and supports your back to relieve backache. ULTIMATE BACK SUPPORT – Posture Position supports your lower back and torso while gently pushing your shoulders into the right position. The vest is the ultimate back support and reliever for you who have a physically demanding job. ADJUSTABLE STRAPS – P..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €65.00

Vulkan Advanced Elastic Knee Support

Vulkan Advanced Elastic Knee Support Provides comfort to the knee muscles and tendons by retaining heat. Provides superior support and compression to the joint, to control and limit swelling. Ideal for sprains and strains. Easily worn under clothing for daily prevention and protection. Available in three sizes (Measure around the knee);     Small: Knee circumference 28.5-31cm     Medium: Knee circumference 31-35cm     Large: Knee circumference 36-40.5cm   Vulkan® Advanced Elastic Supports The Vulkan Advanced E..

€10.60 Ex Tax: €10.60

Vulkan Re-usable Hot / Cold Pack

From the fridge to the microwave, this versatile pack with extra protective sleeve stays flexible whatever the temperature. Conforms well to body contours. ..

€5.74 Ex Tax: €4.67

High Quality, Low Prices.

Every single health product we've introduced onto this website have been carefully selected to ensure that firstly it's of the highest quality and secondly it's completely affordable. Browse through our extensive range of health products and if you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.