Benefits Of Using a Knee Walker

Many people out there have mobility problems and thankfully there are plenty of mobility aids and equipment to help. One thing that has been overlooked in the mobility area is providing something that can help when someone breaks their leg or ankle.
Everyone knows that when it comes to breaking your foot that crutches are used to get about. Well, as personally having to use crutches I found them very hard on the arms and they would really tire me out.

So then we came across the Knee Walker…

What exactly is a knee walker?

Knee Walkers have been around for a while now but still a lot of people don’t know about them, also referred to as a “Knee Scooter”, the purpose of the device is to allow the user to rest their injured leg whilst moving around.

A Knee Walker is operated when the user rests their leg on a pad and use their good leg to move about and it is equipped with a handlebar and brakes for moving about.

They can adapt to the needs of a person

This product is adaptable in as many ways as possible to the client using it. The “Knee Pad” is height adjustable and the handlebars can be adjusted as well to suit the customer’s needs.

With the Knee Walker it can be used in a standard forward position when operating and with the added advantage of a second curve in the knee pad, the customer can turn sideways securely if they were doing the dishes etc.
The knee walker also has a wide range of usability and is deployed for many reasons. Usually, it will be used by people who have damage below the knee, such as:

– Amputation
– Breakages
– Fractures
– Sprains
– Bunionectomies
– Gout
– Diabetic ulcers
– Ruptured Achilles tendon
– Non-union fractures
– Fractures of the foot or ankle or lower leg.

Benefits of using the knee walker

Benefits over crutches

– Removes the risk of tripping associated with crutches
– You can rest on this whilst using the handbrake
– Reduces the risk of tripping and falling
– Frees up hands
– Get around faster compared to a crutch
– Portable and lightweight

General benefits

– Turning front wheels allows easy mobility
– Complete non weight bearing
– Less tiring than crutches
– Prevents atrophy by exercising the proximal muscles in the damaged leg
– Provides extra stability for those who have compromised balance
– Improves blood circulation in the affected leg
– It lifts the affected leg to a certain degree which helps to lessen pain and swelling
– Fold in seconds for easy storage.

This product is recommended by top surgeons in Ireland after foot surgery. It’s time to say Goodbye Crutches, Hello Kneewalker!

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