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Profiling Electric Beds Ireland.

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We offer a range of electric beds to suit every need. Our electric beds are ideal for patients who have recently come out of hospital or people who are confined full time to a bed.

You can choose from a wide array of settings for the ideal positions that allow you to sit up or relieve pressure from an area. Our electric profiling beds can also be purchased with a specific type mattress to suit the needs of any user.

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Classic Low Profiling Bed

About the Classic Low Profiling Bed The Classic Low profiling balances durability and functionality to make care at home easier. As standard, the Classic Low has a profiling mattress platform with back and leg adjustment which gives users a range of comfortable and supportive positions. The Classic Low has height adjustment which allows the whole bed to raise up to help on-bed nursing and lower down to 22cm from the floor to minimise injury from bed falls. ..

€1,995.00 Ex Tax: €1,621.95

Classic Profiling Bed

About the Classic Profiling Bed The Classic profiling bed combines practicality and functionality. Featuring a traditional wooden surround, the Classic bed can be complete with side rails for extra safety. The Classic bed raises up to waist level to assist on-bed care and lowers down for easier access to the bed. The Classic provides comfort from the back and leg adjustment and is suitable for people with limited mobility and disabilities. The classic bed offers independant functions to assit the user have a variety of positioning options for maximum comfort at their finger tips. ..

€1,995.00 Ex Tax: €1,621.95

Signature Comfort Profiling Bed 5-7 Days

Signature Comfort Profiling Bed

About the Signature Comfort Profiling Bed The Signature Comfort is a popular home care bed that has all the functionality you would expect from a hospital bed whilst being cleverly styled to look homely and unobtrusive. The whole bed raises and lowers and has an adjustable back rest for sitting up in bed and leg rest for elevating your knees or feet. The Signature Comfort is available in three sizes and you can choose your headboard style, material and colour. ..

€3,997.50 Ex Tax: €3,250.00

Solo Comfort Profiling Bed

About the Solo Comfort Profiling Floor Bed Lowering all the way to the floor, right up to a carer's waist level, and stopping anywhere in-between means the Solo Comfort is ideal for users with varying needs. The bed also has an auto-regression backrest to prevent stomach compression when sitting up in bed and has an electric foot/leg raiser for comfort and support. The bed is elegantly styled for the home with a fully upholstered surround with headboard and material options. All functions are controlled by an easy-to-use hand control and the bed's motors are smooth and qui..

€5,151.24 Ex Tax: €4,188.00

Affordable Adjustable Beds

Electric and manual adjustable beds as they are can be an expensive item. So that's why at Go Mobility we compare and ensure on a daily basis our prices are the lowest possible. Check out our high quality adjustable beds with delivery nationwide throughout Ireland.

If you have any questions relating to our range of beds or if you need general advice then please feel free to get in touch with us.


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