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Check out our range of bed and chair raisers, these are ideal for increasing the height of your furniture or mobility equipment. There's no point paying for a bed with better height when you can simply use one of our bed and chair raisers

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Furniture Raiser Step Set of 4

Step furniture risers are used to raise the height of beds, chairs or tables. The height is adjusted by use of detachable blocks. They fit most furniture legs and are easily mounted without the need for any tools. Step is made of oak which makes it a very durable furniture riser and looks nice in any environment. Available in two models: Step is suitable for rising tables and chairs with thin legs. Step II is more suitable for beds with legs up to a width of 100mm (4˝) and has a track for bedsteads. Height raise 50, 75, 100 or 125mm (2, 3, 4, or 5˝). This product may be reference..

€159.00 Ex Tax: €129.27

Prop-Up Bed Wedge 5-7 Days

Prop-Up Bed Wedge

This foam wedge will prop you up in bed comfortably and offers you support at two different angles. Removable cover supplied. This product may be referenced by 09-109-1909, 091091909 or AA4082 ..

€67.00 Ex Tax: €54.47