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Bedroom Aids

Bedroom Aids

Bedroom Aids Ireland - Nationwide Delivery

We stock a wide range of bedroom aids with nationwide delivery to your door. Check out our range of bedroom aids below.

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2 in 1 Bed Rail

The 2 in 1 Bed Rail is the only bed rail for both divan and slatted beds. The shaped, stylish, and easy to clean rail will provide extra support when getting into and out of bed. It is easy to fit with no screws, and unclips for storage or for taking on holidays. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR A PROFILING BED ..

€109.00 Ex Tax: €88.62

Adjustable Back Rest 5-7 Days

Adjustable Back Rest

This back rest is adjustable via a simple ratchet mechanism, making it suitable for a wide variety of users and situations. ..

€73.00 Ex Tax: €59.35

Adjustable Bed and Chair Table 5-7 Days

Adjustable Bed and Chair Table

This table can be adjusted in height from 620mm (25˝) to 940mm (37 1/2˝) to accommodate different heights and patient positions. Four plastic feet are mounted on the base, ideal for use with low base beds and chairs. The attractive light oak laminate top has raised upstands to help retain items when the top is tilted between 0 to 70°. Supplied flat packed. This product may be referenced by 09-109-0059, 091090059 or AA3730 ..

€102.00 Ex Tax: €82.93

Adjustable Cot Sides - Single Sided 5-7 Days

Adjustable Cot Sides - Single Sided

Adjustable in width, length and height to fit virtually any divan bed. The quick and simple adjustment allows the bed to be installed on a small single, single, double or king-size bed. To use the cot sides with a double or king-size bed, the optional extension kit is needed. The base frame fits between the mattress and the bed base to add stability. The height can be easily adjusted using the pin clip system. By a simple push of the quick release button, the cot side drops down, allowing for a patient to be moved. The cot sides can be simply removed to give access for making the bed. Side rai..

€205.00 Ex Tax: €166.67

Bed Cradle - Adjustable Height 5-7 Days

Bed Cradle - Adjustable Height

A simple metal frame, whose base slips between the mattress and the bed base and the top forms a support cradle for the bedclothes to keep them clear of the feet and legs. The height is adjusted easily and the frame is in two parts for easy storage or transport. For use at the side or end of the bed. This product may be referenced by 09-108-9879, 091089879 or AA3652 ..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59

Bed Grab Rail 5-7 Days

Bed Grab Rail

Suitable for slatted beds. Large base frame for maximum under mattress stability. This product may be referenced by 09-132-5752, 091325752 or 780S ..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Bed Grab Rail Double Ended 5-7 Days

Bed Grab Rail Double Ended

This bed grab rail has a double loop to assist users getting in and out of the bed. Fits securely under the mattress, is adjustable in width and fits single and double beds. This product may be referenced by 091325661, 780, or 09-132-5661 ..

€47.00 Ex Tax: €38.21

Bed Pads 60x60cm (35 Pack) 5-7 Days

Bed Pads 60x60cm (35 Pack)

These disposable pads can be used on a chair or bed to protect the furniture and keep the user comfortable and dry from any leaks. Any liquid diffuses quickly throughout the pad, but the waterproof backing ensures leakage protection. This product may be referenced by 09-119-1907 or 091191907 ..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €20.33

Bed Rail Folding Easy Fit 5-7 Days

Bed Rail Folding Easy Fit

The Folding Easy Fit Bed Rail provides a simple to fit alternative that can be used on both slatted and divan beds. The innovative folding design enables the bed rail to be stored and transported flat, but simply opened out and secured with clips when required for use. The bed rail is easily fitted by positioning it between the mattress and bed base with no straps required. The unique anti-slip sections help to retain the bed rail in position during use, reducing movement and increasing security. This product may be referenced by 09-142-2054 or 091422054 ..

€235.00 Ex Tax: €191.06

Bed Rope Ladder

A simple idea to assist with sitting up in bed. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs can be gripped by the user to pull themselves up in bed on a hand over hand movement. Suitable for single or double beds. ..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €17.89

Casa Med Classic FS

Offering an attractive and non-clinical finish, this bestselling bed is beautifully fi nished with enclosed motors and curved beech-effect head and foot board. Features & Benefits: Dewert motor, handset and controls Dual motor headrest and knee brake adjustment Electric backrest, leg rest, knee brake and lower leg elevation Emergency lowering by quick action bolt mechanism Four brake castors Four-section mattress support Quick-release pins on all actuator points Extra high side rails available Tool-free assembly Transport system and lock Real wood surrounds ..

€1,195.00 Ex Tax: €971.54

Chrome Folding Bed Cradle 5-7 Days

Chrome Folding Bed Cradle

Manufactured from chrome plated steel, this bed cradle fits under the mattress and folds away flat for storage when not in use. Supports the weight of bed clothes and reduces contact with the user's injury. This product may be referenced by 09-132-5620, 091325620 or 613 ..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Companion V Shaped Pillow 5-7 Days

Companion V Shaped Pillow

A large V-shaped washable pillow, filled with Dacron fibres, for supporting the body in bed or armchair. ..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Cot Side Bumpers Full Length Pair 5-7 Days

Cot Side Bumpers Full Length Pair

These foam pads are covered with a wipe clean vinyl and have a hook and loop closure along the length to secure them to a range of cot sides. Suitable for most profiling beds. Supplied as a pair, each one 2m (78 3/4˝) long. When mounted, they are 390mm (15 1/4˝) deep. Weight 2kg each. This product may be referenced by 09-108-9341, 091089341 or AA3441 ..

€279.00 Ex Tax: €226.83

overbed tables 5-7 Days

Days Overbed Table

The overbed table has a laminated teak top and two independent points for adjusting the height which allow the top to be angled. Rails on the sides of the table top prevent items from slipping off. The four castors allow the table to easy glide to and from the bed or chair, ideal for those with limited strength and mobility.   ..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84