Access Ramps Guide

A Guide to Access Ramps

If you are a wheelchair or mobility scooter user then more than likely you would need an access ramp at some stage. Ramps can be used in a variety of different circumstances and have multiple purposes.

In this guide we will give some advice and explain a bit about the ramps that are available at

Factors to Consider

Here a couple of things that you need to consider before choosing a ramp:

::Where will the ramp be used?

It is important to consider where the ramp will be used as this can help you to narrow down your search. The usual circumstances for a ramp include:

  1. To overcome a step or steps
  2. Mounting a kerb
  3. Loading a wheelchair or mobility scooter into a vehicle

::What will the ramp be used?

This has a massive impact on the maximum gradient the ramp can be. If it is going to be used for a self-propelled wheelchair the gradient must be shallow. If it is an unmanned scooter the gradient is less important.

::Where are you going to store the ramp?

It is important to consider if you plan on using the ramp when you are out and about. Depending on length all fold up ramps are easily transported in the boot of your car.

Types of Access Ramps available at Go Mobility

Portable ramps are extremely versatile. They come in numerous styles and lengths. Most portable ramps are made from an aluminium material which makes them easy to transport and can be ideal if you are out and about.

::Channel Ramps : These are generally the cheapest portable ramps. They consist of two separate ramps which are used together. They are most suited for self-propelled wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters.

::Suitcase Ramps : These are a full width ramp that can be folded lengthways and carried like a suitcase. The advantage of with this is they do not have to be as accurate in position and someone can easily walk behind the wheelchair or scooter.

::Threshold Ramps : These are small ramps that are designed for use in doorways. They come in various designs and are great for indoors and outdoors to make getting out and about much easier. They can be permanently fixed or portable.

We hope we have helped and if you would like to browse our range of access ramps you can click here.

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