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What are mobility scooters?

Mobility Scooters or sometimes referred to “Mobility Bikes” are an electric device where a person sits on to get around. The user can operate it with a lever called a “wig wag” where they push the lever forward with their thumb and backwards to enable the mobility scooter to move either direction. Once the scooter is moving, you can typically steer it quite easily in the direction you want to go.

What are the different types?

Mobility scooters normally come in around 4 different size categories which are each beneficial to their type of use and requirements.

Here is some information about the different types of Scooters available;

:: Micro Mobility Scooters

These are normally a very small and compact scooter that folds away into one part for travelling or putting into a small space. These type of mobility scooters are normally quite expensive due to the many hours of design and engineering involved in getting something so small in one piece – these type of scooters make life very easy when it comes to transporting it and putting it into the car boot.

:: Small Mobility Scooters

Also referred to “Travel” mobility scooters, these are great for bringing to the shops or the park. These differ from the Micro type as the small mobility scooters are usually split apart by the user into several pieces for transport. Small scooters typically split apart into 4-5 pieces in under 5 minutes. The price for these type normally range from €650 upwards and can travel more distance than the Micro type. These are also more durable than the smaller type and easier on the pocket too!

:: Medium Sized Mobility Scooters

A medium sized scooter is great for getting around your local area without the worry of running out of battery or being unstable on certain terrains. The advantage of medium sized scooters is that you have a bigger scooter (obviously) and larger batteries – they normally get around 7-10 miles on a full charge and can handle better on certain terrains, for example – Grass, Pavements etc. They typically range from about €1000 upwards and some can even split apart for the car depending on the model and the size of your boot!

:: Large Mobility Scooters

For the more challenging terrains and milage, large scooters range from around €1500 up to €4500 depending on the manufacturer and specifications. The larger types are ideal for better milage and medium to rough terrain which other scooters would find tough to handle. Typicaly on the larger scooters you would get a minimum of 10 miles per charge and depending on the model you can get 15-20 miles off some. These are normally equipped with indicators, lights and a full sized seat for added comfort when driving. For added durability most models offer a full suspension for handling the rougher terrain including country roads and lanes.


Other Things To Know:

  • All mobility scooters come with some form of key, without the key the user would not be able to use the scooter.
  • Medium and Large scooters normally come with front and back lights and the larger types normally have indicators as well.
  • Nearly all small mobility scooters / boot scooters have a range of 4-5 miles – the manufactuer’s brouchures can sometimes be a little misleading.
  • Overall life of the batteries condition last around 2-3 years depending on how well the scooter is looked after. Batteries normally cost around €80 for small, €250 for medium and up to €500 for large scooters. The reason why batteries are so expensive is because they are a deep cycle “Gel” battery which give a continous amount of charge over a period of time compared to normal car batteries (short cycle) which would only run less than a mile on a mobility scooter.
  • They should be serviced and checked for loose nuts/bolts and wear and tear at least once every 6 months. This can be done by a mobility shop or repair centre or even by yourself. Regardless they need to be checked.

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