5 Factors To Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter

With such a wide range of options available, choosing a mobility scooter can seem like a daunting task but considering the five points below can help pinpoint the type of mobility scooter that you need.

1. Will You Be Bringing The Mobility Scooter In a Car?

Some of the larger mobility scooters can be heavy, so if you will be regularly travelling with your mobility scooter then we recommend that you choose a travel or boot scooter. Travel / Boot scooters are lighter, compact and designed to be regularly folded and split apart to be brought in a car boot.

2. What Is The Weight Of The User?

You will also need to consider the weight that the mobility scooter will need to carry. For example, will you be using the scooter to carry shopping or will you need it to hold an oxygen tank? You also need to consider the weight of the person who will be using the mobility scooter. If the person is over 18 stone then we would normally recommend a larger mobility scooter to ensure comfort and peace of mind.

3. Where Will You Be Driving The Mobility Scooter?

If you will be mainly using the scooter in your home you will need a small compact scooter so it will be able to make the required turns down hallways and through doors. Also because space will be more limited, a small boot scooter will be more suited to your needs.

Otherwise, if you will be using your mobility scooter outside your house to travel to the local shops or park, then you may require a mobility scooter with a larger battery capacity for a longer range and a higher clearance for foot paths. In this situation we would generally recommend a medium or large sized scooter to accomodate the increased milage and comfort.

4. Where Will You Be Storing The Mobility Scooter?

Depending on the size of the scooter you buy, there may be an issue with storing it inside the house. Most mobility scooters can be left outside, but in order to fully protect the scooter from theft or damage from prolonged exposure to weather we would recommend safely and securely storing the scooter in a suitable area such as a shed if you are unable to store it in your home. If a shed is not an option, we would recommend at least putting a motorbike cover over it. We also sell a specific “Mobility Scooter Garage” as an option.

5. Other considerations to consider before purchasing a mobility scooter.

1. If you are tall, you may need a scooter with extra leg room.
2. If you want a more comfortable ride, you could choose a scooter with a suspension.
3. If the ground is uneven where you will be using the scooter you will need to consider ground clearance and wheel size, also a suspension would be an added advantage.
4. If the distances you are travelling are short or long you will need to consider the battery size to suit the range. All batteries are 12 volt, it’s the amps that you need to look out for i.e. 12 volt 12 amp equals approximately 8 kilometres. The more amps, the bigger the range.
5. If you suffer from back pain, a scooter with full suspension would be more suitable to soften the ride.

Most scooter these days come as standard with solid tyres. They are made of a soft rubber compound although you can consider pneumatics which will give a softer ride but are prone to punctures.

If you need any more assistance in chossing the right mobility scooter, then please call us on 01 866 3366 or email us at info@gomobility.ie

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